Berlin’s Nightlife & Music Scene of the 1920s

photos: Berlin – Sounds of an Era

“The city had a jewel-like sparkle, especially at night, that didn’t exist in Paris”

Josephine Baker

Berlin in the 20’s: With the Jazz emerging and the dresses shortening, a new feeling of life entered the city, invigorating its nightlife. The time frame of the Weimar Republic might have set the tone for the capital’s later years, up until the now – including wild dancing, loud music and free spirit.

The city was in a blaze of glory – with the horror’s of the war and the cultural scene ever-changing – and it has some amazing contemporary witnesses and their music that are testaments for this unique period.

The brand new book Berlin – Sounds of an Era dug up some of these contemporary (musical) witnesses and let’s the city talk through pictures, words and music. From the 1920’s to the 1950’s, you can find out about all of Berlin and it’s dark and shiny years on 176 pages. The book doesn’t only come with illustrations but also with three audio CDs, capturing the sound of the city.

With pictures, a map and original recordings from musicians like the Comedian Harmonists or Teddy Staufer, the reader really get’s a good impression and can dive into the cosmos of Berlin’s past.

If you want to get to know Berlin a little bit better you should check out “Berlin – Sounds of an Era” of author and historian Marko Heinrich Christian Paysan.

You can get the book for example here or here.

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