Exploring Berlin: Schlesisches Tor

Whether you’re in the mood for romance, showing friends around from out of town, or just collecting your own thoughts outdoors, it’s always a good idea to take a stroll through Berlin’s cosmopolitan wonder. And with the lovely sun shining, can you think of anything better?

Kreuzberg’s Schlesisches Tor might be the hardest U-Bahn station for non-natives to pronounce. It also happens to serve as a junction between three districts, all straddling the eastern intersection of the Spree and Landwehrkanal. This area is full of vibrant activity – how about a stroll around it?

Let’s start to the north, with the iconic Oberbaumbrücke. This is Berlin’s most adorned bridge – the familiar red spires jutting up into the sky, covering the pedestrian section, connecting Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. It is often full of street performers and tourists taking pictures of the city. Westward is the TV tower in Mitte, and eastward is the amusing sculpture of men leaning into each other: Molecule Man. The U1 runs over it, connecting Schlesi to Warschuaer.

Walking from the bridge over to Kreuzberg one of the best burgers in the city can be had right under the U1 line at Burgermeister, across from the Schlesi stop. It’s packed for good reason! On Köpenicker Straße there are many cute shops, restaurants and bars to the immediate west of the station, like Schlesisch Blau.

Wrangelstraße is a lovely street for a stroll on the block south of Schlesische Straße. This is Wrangelkiez: relaxed cafes and restaurants like Sumak and Bar Walther, along with neighborhood staples.

One block north, back on Schlesische Straße is the concert venue Lido, which is a more intimate place for a show than Huxley’s or Columbiahalle. The Watergate club is nearby, right at the bridge on the Spree. There’s also the folk music at Cafe Wendel.

Walking east, we leave Kreuzberg and enter Alt-Treptow. The most popular spot in this area is probably Club der Visionäre, an lively outdoor spot that’s great for waterfront drinks and dancing. On the little island between der Visionäre and Kreuzberg are three more bustling nightlife spots: Chalet, Birgit & Bier and Ipse.

Continuing toward Treptower Park is the Treptower Art Center, which hosts a flea market. Around here are oversized benches, perfect for goofy Instagram posing. This is also the site of Festsaal Kreuzberg (formerly White Trash Fast Food), a really fun place to eat, drink and enjoy events and concerts.

Arena Berlin north of here is a huge event space on the Spree, perhaps most known for Badeschiff. Badeschiff is a floating pool and beach area on the river. Swim, drink, eat and people-watch; it’s almost like you’re not even in the city. Of course, on hot summer days, there is usually a queue and it gets quite crowded. Why wouldn’t it? There’s no better place to be!

Treptower Park itself is also amazing and worth a whole afternoon on its own! Enjoy exploring 🙂

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