Fashion Special: Berlin loves Nordic Fashion

Liisa Riski, Finland

When it comes to fashion the Germans are a bit unusual. The Italians, they proudly love their Italian fashion. The French love to wear the designs from the runways of Paris. And the British, they admire their traditional British brands. But the Germans, they prefer something other than their own labels: The Germans turn their heads to the Nordic countries for style. And it’s basically been like that since I can remember. Germans, and also in particular the Berliners, are just obsessed with fashion from Sweden, Denmark & co. While that is on the one hand quite sad for the German brands that nowadays avoid the local Fashion Week and rather show their collections on foreign runways, it’s a total win for the Scandinavians who – for us – seem to be the essence of style.

The Nordic Fashion Hub that takes place at Bikini Berlin Concept Shopping Mall from June 28th til July 2nd 2016 is now bringing us some more of this coveted design from our European neighbors. In a temporary fashion exhibition in the ground floor of the mall you will be able to see the new collections of 15 labels from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. The selection really shows the bandwidth of Nordic design that ranges from their signature minimalism over classic feminine looks to bold and eccentric designs. After the jump we want to show you a preview of the participating labels and of the exhibition at Bikini Berlin. Come by tonight at 19h for the opening reception or visit the Nordic Fashion Hub on the following days.

Here are the participating Nordic countries and labels with a couple of preview photos of their current collections:


Ewa i Walla, Vagabond, J. Lindeberg


SELECTED Femme & Homme, Ecco


R/H, Mirkka Metsola, Liisa Riski


by TiMo, Cathrine Hammel, Haik


Helicopter, Dimmbla, Cintamani

* * *

Here’s a little view of the exhibition at Bikini Berlin:

Nordic Fashion Hub

BIKINI BERLIN, Budapester Straße 42-50, 10787 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open June 28 – July 2, 2016, 10-20h, free entry

Thanks for the support by Bikini Berlin

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