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Berlin has always been a kaleidoscope of cultures. People from all over the world come here to spend some time or start a new life. Each and every one of them brings a little piece of their home country with them, may it be a recipe, a local tradition, an idea, or a project they started there and continue here. All of these things enrich Berlin is creativity and diversity. It gives its inhabitants the feeling they are not just living in one city, but they are living in the entire world in one place.

In our series about foreign lifestyles in Berlin we have already introduced you to the contributions to our city that came from Turkish and from Polish people. For our third edition we are looking at a country that is much further away than that: It’s also known as Down Under!

For our Australian edition we are also introducing a novelty to our series: We teamed up with the beloved international hair care brand Aussie to give you the chance to not only experience the Australian lifestyle here in Berlin, but also to win a travel budget of 2500 EUR to fly all the way down under yourself and get a taste of the Aussie life! More about that after the jump.


When it comes to gastronomy there is one thing the Australians are really proud of: their coffee. They are pioneers of the third wave coffee movement and share their passion for specialty coffee with the world. In Berlin there are quite few well known and respected cafes run by Australians. One of them is the slightly hidden Father Carpenter in Mitte that has a really unique vibe in a tranquil backyard of the busy commercial area at Münzstraße.

Father Carpenter, Münzstrasse 21 – 1.Hof, 10178 Berlin-Mitte

A second example is actually one of our favorites that we always like to list in our guide: Silo Coffee in Friedrichshain. Apart from the excellent coffee we love them for their amazing breakfast and lunch menu that combines modern food trends with comfort food.

Silo Coffee, Gabriel-Max-Str. 4, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain


A country so big, with such stunning landscapes and interesting history is of course a great inspiration for a thriving local film scene. Australian films might not be on your horizon yet, but the Down Under Berlin film festival for Australian and New Zealand Cinema that takes place at Moviemento in September, will definitely change that!

photo: Kristina Niemann, Courtesy of Down Under Berlin


When it comes to art from Australians your go-to gallery in Berlin is the Michael Reid Gallery in Mitte. It’s representing only artists from Australia, many of them also living in Berlin. Our favorite artist there is Joseph Marr who creates sculptural objects made entirely out of sugar

Together at Berghain

artwork: Joseph Marr

We also have a quite famous street artist and muralist in Berlin: Reka One. He is mostly gracing the walls of other cities in the world, but he lives here and we know of at least one piece by him here in the city in an abandoned brewery.

photo: Reka One


Of course we also have a whole bunch of music producers and Djs who came to Berlin bringing some sunny tunes from down under. I’m thinking of Kate Miller who started out small at Golden Gate and has worked her way up to Berghain where she will DJ on August 6, 2016. Another popular Aussie in Berlin is Fantastic Man who is a regular at Cocktail D’Amour. This month he is releasing his own record under the new name Mind Lotion.

photo: Fantastic Man

Fashion & Design

We are also lucky to have a couple of really talented designers from Australia here in Berlin. Mies Nobis makes amazing jewelry that is inspired by the shape of bones (maybe from remains of reptiles in the outback?).

photo: Mies Nobis

A more abstract aesthetic comes from leather goods label Alpha Cruxis that creates bags in various geometric shapes. These are some truly iconic pieces!

photo: Alpha Cruxis

A special mention goes out to the artist couple Anto Christ and Casio Ono. The two multi-talents combine their creative power for their intricate crochet designs paired with eccentric make-up and styling. They also brought The Colour Parade to Berlin, a fun street event that promotes expressiveness and creativity.

photo: Anto Christ

* * *

Win a Trip to Australia with Aussie

And now we come to the exciting new part of our series: You can win a travel budget of 2500 EUR for a trip to Australia brought to you by iHeartBerlin in partnership with Aussie. I’m sure you’ve heard of their popular hair care & styling products that uses special plant-based ingredients from down under such as Macadamia nuts, Blue Gum Leaf and Australian Wild Peach. These guys are all about that Aussie lifestyle so a perfect match for our new guide!

Update: The raffle is over.

Thanks for the support by Aussie

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