Exploring Berlin: A Guide to Weißensee

photo: Miguel Silva Rodrigues / CC

Weißensee – ever heard of it? If you haven’t, don’t blame yourself. There are some districts in Berlin that kind of fall under the radar concerning public attention. Lichtenberg is one of them, or Reinickendorf, Marzahn. And so is Weißensee, it seems to be also one of the hidden gems. Even though there is quite a lot going on, the clocks are ticking a little slower here. This might not be the version of the Berlin you know. But maybe you should.

Weißensee is a part of Pankow and used to be like many other districts a little village, back in the 13th century. Named after the big lake, the then-village Weißensee has more to offer than meets the eye. With the help of the new aber hallo, Weißensee map we selected some of the most interesting places that will make your visit worth while.



Okay, so when you’re kind of over fries you should definitely pay Mandelbaum Biocafé and Biorestaurant a visit. As it already hints in the name, anything here is organic but on a high scale. From Chili sin Carne to some nice Pasta – you can find anything here.

Biocafé & Biorestaurant Mandelbaum, Smetanastraße 9, 13088 Berlin.
Opening Hours: Di-Sun 10-23h

photo: Mandelbaum

Friedas Glück

A café where you can buy presents is always a winning combination – at Frieda’s Glück café you can buy Vintage or selfmade goods and combine them with a good, selfmade pie. From breakfast to soups you can find here anything that makes happy.

Friedas Glück Café & Geschenke, Lindenallee 55, 13088 Berlin
Opening Hours: Mi-Mo 9-18h, closed on Tuesday’s

photo: Friedas Glück


There can never be enough pasta – and never enough venues to buy good pasta from. Italian Alberto produces and manufactures his own pasta here and offers them on a daily basis. From ravioli to spaghetti, you must try the pasta and also get some for you at home. And make sure to get some wine also.

PastaLaden, Langhansstraße 149, 13086 Berlin.
Opening Hours: Mo-Tue 10-16h, Mi-Fr 10-20h

photo: PastaLaden



Let’s start with a craft made in Berlin – matzmate produces nice and sturdy leather products that are handmade and come with nice details. Every bag is unique and made by one Berliner: Stefan. When in Weißensee, you should definitely pay a visit to matzmate.

matzmate, Bizetstraße 122, 13088 Berlin
Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10-18h

photo: Laura Jost

Culture & Leisure Time

Brotfabrik Berlin

“Art is grocery” it says in the motto of this cultural centre. For many years now, a lot of art, culture and encounters have been happening here. You should check their current programm to see what’s what. From readings to galleries and theatre you will find anything there. And with a bar attached, you can simultaneously have a drink with it.

Brotfabrik Berlin, Caligariplatz 1, 13086 Berlin.
Opening Hours: Bar – Mo-Sun 15h- 01h

photo: Brotfabrik Berlin

Stummfilmkino Delphi

Not to be confused with the Delphi movie theater in West-Berlin this former silent movie theater is one of the hidden gems of Weißensee. The old theater that kept much of it’s charm from the old days is now being used for all kinds of events like exhibitions, performances, parties, dinners, even fashion shows. Last year the group exhibition “Projektionen” was one of the cultural highlights there. Check their program for upcoming events.

Ehm. Stummfilmkino Delphi, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, 13086 Berlin

Exhibition view “Projektionen”, photo: Peter Gesierich

By The Lake Festival

The By The Lake Festival is a small, relatively new music festival happening at the Open Air Stage and Freibad Weißensee. Their first edition took place in the summer of 2015, and in 2016 the second one will kick off on the weekend August 6 and 7. On the stage you will see international musicians such as Liss, Cold Specks, Laid Back and King Khan and The Shrines.

By The Lake Festival, Freiluftbühne Weißensee, Große Seestraße 9, 13086 Berlin

Open Sat, August 6 + Sun, August 7, 2016, 14-22h

photo: By The Lake Festival

Strandbad Weißensee

Oh summer is here (somewhere) and with that it’s time to see the sea again! Of course you can also do that in good old Weißensee – just make sure to bring your swimsuit. And get some fries there, you deserve it. The public bathing beach offers some nice night activities too with music and drinks.

Strandbad Weißensee, Berliner Allee 155, 13088 Berlin.
Opening Hours: daily, based on how the weather is.

photo: oh-berlin.com / CC

Jüdischer Friedhof Weißensee

The Jewish cemetery in Weißensee was build in 1880 and is the largest jewish cemetery that is still intact in Europe. In the 70s it was made a national monument. It’s quite a mystical but at the same time beautiful place to visit, even if you are not typically someone who would go to a cemetery.

Jüdischer Friedhof Weißensee, Herbert-Baumstrasse 31, 13088 Berlin

photo: Thomas Dolby / CC

Together with friends and neighbors that live and work in Weißensee, the creators Anka Büchler, Christiane Kürschner and Julia Roth put together a map of things to do when in their district called aber hallo, Weißensee. If you want to find out about more places you should see the map for yourself! From playground to restaurant or bar you will find anything worth visiting in Weißensee.

You can find out more and stay up to date here.

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