The Most Awesome Lake of Berlin: Liepnitzsee

photos: Valerie-Siba Rousparast

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing more beautiful than summer in Berlin, but when crowded places get even busier and riding the subway becomes a sweaty nightmare, it’s amazing to escape the chaos for a moment or two.

Sometimes it’s just very healthy for body, mind and soul to get out of the fast pace and the heat. What nicer place could there be than Liepnitzsee with it’s clear, turquoise water and the tiny beaches? This lake is not as easy to reach as Wannsee, or Schlachtensee, but trust me, it is worth the ride. Depending on where you start your trip, you will reach the lake in about an hour, going to the far north of Berlin and entering Brandenburg. And you will actually feel like you are entering a different tiny universe, since round Liepnitzsee time seems to stand still. Even on the hottest summerdays, the lake isn’t very crowded.

You can enjoy an afternoon in the shadow of the tiny woods surrounding the lake and even go to the tiny island by ferry. You shouldn’t forget to carry something against mosquitos, but other than that the lake leaves no wishes unfulfilled. There are woodsy places, several smaller and bigger beaches, some for people, who like to enjoy the sun with or without fancy swimwear. If you need more than an afternoon to recover from long Berlin nights, you can even go camping at Liepnitzsee.

Use the sunny days well, pack your inflatable unicorn, some wine and snacks and let’s meet on the other side!

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