Awesome Projects from Berlin that need your Support

photo: Burgers&Babes

From video games (e.g. Prison Architect, Star Citizen) to software (e.g. Augur, DigixDAO) and from financial aid (e.g. Greek Bailout Fund) to films (e.g. Veronica Mars) crowdfunding has consistently represented a broad platform, where ideas and wishful thinking have the potential to become reality with the financial help of their staunch advocates. Innovation and creativity stand as synonyms to a myriad of projects, several of which are found in the soon-to-be-too-cold Berlin. We chose a couple of our favorite ones that are currently seeking support and deserve your attention.

renk. Magazin

What started as her degree thesis and a mere Facebook page, has rapidly developed into a full-fledged online magazine with over 400 articles. Melisa Karakus’ groundbreaking project aspires to achieve its funding goal of 8000€, in order to finance its first print edition. The magazine sees itself as a symbolic bridge between the German and Turkish culture free of the repetitive stereotypes that grew tiresome a long time ago. Life stories, the German-Turkish culture, food, literature, acting and dance belong to the main narrative of Renk, that unlike most media nowadays focuses on the bright side of life.

* * *

The Impossible Project – The Movie

Having Edwin Land’s  “Don’t undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible” as their motto a Viennese biologist, Doc, with his former intern, Oskar, embarked on the challenging adventure to reinvent the permanently lost formula for Polaroid film in a world that has become all too digital and fast moving. Doc, now owner of a Berliner start up, managed to create the I-1 from scratch, which is the first brand new Polaroid camera since the 1980s. The crowdfunding campaign around the Impossible project revolves around the financing of the documentary feature shot on 35mm film and directed by Bafta nominated Jens Meurer. The film will explore the fascinating quest of the aforementioned visionaries, Doc and Oskar.

* * *

Burgers & Babes Calendar 2017

Yes, it is about a calendar of burgers and women. The idea belongs to two photography-students from Berlin, who want to celebrate the elevation of burger from fast food solution to a gourmet, detailed culinary choice in combination with women.

* * *


Taking spirituality to a whole new level, Holodeck aspires to create the first floating healing space in Berlin. Visitors will have the opportunity to find a safe heaven from the urban hustle and bustle without leaving the city. The location will be boat-house, that will offer a variety of courses for physical and mental empowerment.

* * *

Bantabaa FoodDealer – support your local dealer!

In the African language Mandinka it is called Bantabaa; in English the word is “meeting point”, which is exactly what this projects wants to become. More specifically, it gives refugees the opportunity to learn the ropes in the catering industry and, thus, to work. The Bantabaa FoodDealer project includes integration and language courses.

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