Get a Taste of Mexico in Berlin

It’s really hard to think outside the box of cliches and stereotypes when it comes to foreign countries you have never been to. When I think of Mexico, I instantly think of the unibrow of Frida Kahlo, Aztec pyramids and hot and spicy burritos. Of course Burritos, Quesadillas, Guacamole and Tacos are the first food associations coming to everyone’s mind regarding Mexico.

But behind every set of culinary cliches there are even more unexpected and delicious surprises. We had the chance to get an exclusive tour through the new food court exhibition at KaDeWe. Presenting all kind of Mexican ingredients and delicacies this food show taught us that there is more to the Mexican taste than just hot and spicy. Vanilla, Chocolate, Agave and many more essential products were discovered and developed in Mexico and I can’t even imagine a culinary world without all these ingredients.

You can visit the food show, take part at several tastings and product presentations and shop exclusive ingredient’s until the third of September in the 6th floor of KaDeWe. Just to give you a nice preview of what you can expect from this experience we took some pictures of some of the colorful and delicious products. Taste them with your own eyes after the jump 😉

Mexican Food

The cooking section is probably the biggest and most important one of the exhibition. Here you will get basically anything from dried spices, beans, tortillas, tacos and lots of sauces. Especially the variety of Mole (cooked sauce) and Salsas (raw sauce) is amazing with many different flavors that go beyond the typical salsa verde and chipotle. You’ll also find some tortilla chips made of dark corn which is something more rare to find.


I personally was not aware that Mexico is totally a chocolate country. They have amazing cacao and several premium chocolate brands, one of which was presented here in several shapes and flavors. Totally worth a try!

Tequila & Mezcal

There is much more to the world of Tequila than the one brand with the red hat. The selection of tequilas and mezcals in the exhibition is really impressive showing some of the most delicious Mexican spirits you will find here. We had the chance to try some aged tequila and mezcal that really make you understand what all the fuzz is about.

Thanks for the support by Discover Mexico

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