7 Reasons why you need to check out the new Bread&Butter by Zalando

The countdown has begun: In just a few days – from September 2nd till 4th to be exact – the new Bread&Butter by Zalando is happening at Arena Berlin. The consumer trend show has the theme “NOW” this year and will be celebrating what is hot in fashion, music and food. Have a look at the program and line-up now to get an idea.

The Bread&Butter has quite a long and diverse history. It started off in Cologne in 2003, but then moved to Berlin and later Barcelona for a while where it rose to international fame, before returning to Berlin to become one of the major events of Berlin Fashion Week. But as many of you have probably noticed it stopped happening a couple of seasons ago. But this was not the end, it was a necessary period of transition and reinvention. Now it’s back, rising like a phoenix from the ashes and everything is different! What happened? And why should we care? Here’s the break-down..

photo: Kemmler

1. Welcome everybody!

Since the beginning the Bread&Butter was pretty much a trade show aimed at fashion professionals such as buyers and journalists. But with the relaunch the new power behind the event that is Berlin-based online retailer Zalando is changing the game. The new Bread&Butter is happening at Arena Berlin from September 2nd till 4th, 2016 and it is going to be open to everyone and will unite fashion enthusiast and curious people alike. We welcome this change because the time when fashion events were something secretive and exclusive are simply over thanks to the internet and what better way to react to it than fully embrace it! Get your tickets here.

photo: Noel Richter

2. Goodbye Fashion Week!

Another tradition that was dropped with the new concept is the date which always coincided with Berlin Fashion Week. The whole landscape of fashion has changed so much lately. Many brands have started to go against the rhythms of the international fashion weeks by making their collections available to order right after the show and not months later when the attention has already gone down. So letting go of the cycle of the Fashion Weeks and finding their own date makes a lot of sense here. And let’s face it, there is too much going on anyway during the regular Fashion Week – the more time you can spend here now in September to fully experience the whole program and not just drop by for the one hour you can spare in the busy show schedule.

photo: Noel Richter

3. The Music of Now

The music program has become a more and more important part of the Bread&Butter over the years and this is something that will be pushed even further this year with a 3-day line-up that includes not only international top acts like A$AP Rocky who’s gonna play a (not so secret anymore) live gig on Friday and Angel Haze, but also an exciting program of local and global DJs curated by Boiler Room.

4. Eat Fashion!

If you take a look into the digital world of now you will quickly notice that food is as much fashionable as fashion itself. You can’t think of a daily Instagram feed without at least one Acai Bowl or Avocado Toast to scroll by. Food trends are the new trends and boy are there many exciting ones. Of course this also needs to be considered when doing a trend show such as the new Bread&Butter by Zalando and when you think about it – with this name the association with food is already there anyway. So to take it to a literal level this year there will also be a big focus on food trends incorporating the hottest food trucks and culinary concepts such as Mogg, Paletas, Heißer Hobel, Fuchs & Ganz and Dandy Diner into the event. It’s gonna be delicious!

5. The Runway’s on Fire

Even though the Bread&Butter is no longer aligned with the timing of Berlin Fashion Week there will still be lots of runway shows taking place. British high street brands Topshop and Topman are going to have their runway debuts in Berlin at the Bread&Butter by Zalando and also the show of Hugo will mark their first runway on German soil in a long time. But there’s more: Ivyrevel, the label of Swedish blogger Kenza Zouiten, will have a show, as well as Puma, Selected Femme/Homme, Zalando, and Set. And once again here: The shows are going to be open to everyone and you will be able to shop all the looks right away on Zalando.

6. Party Hard!

What is a fashion event in Berlin without a proper party? In the case of the 3-day-program of the Bread&Butter by Zalando there will be multiple parties starting with the Interview Magazine party on Friday, followed by the Topman + Boiler Room party on Saturday and finishing off with the big Dandy Diary party on Sunday. You read that right: The blogger boys who basically owned the party life of Berlin Fashion Week for many years are now also on board with the Bread&Butter by Zalando.

photo: Noel Richter

7. Make your own Fashion

My personal favorite part of the new Bread&Butter by Zalando is the interactive element of the brand presentations. Being hands on is always more interesting than just watching, so this year you will be able to talk, play, work-out, drink and design with some of the participating labels that offer special Brand Lab areas where you can make your own custom designs, join a Ted talk or do other playful interactive things. One of the highlights will be the presentation of the ‘Tommy X Gigi’ collaborative collection of Tommy Hilfiger and model Gigi Hadid who will also be present at the event. Further more Italian luxury label Marni will give a preview of its footwear collaboration exclusively for Zalando. Now this sounds like fun!

Learn more about the program of the new Bread & Butter by Zalando here and better be quick and get your ticket here.

Thanks for the support by Bread&Butter

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