Berlin Clubs fight against Right-Wing Populist AfD

photo: Burg Schnabel

With the election results from my home state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the right-wing populist party AfD has managed to move into yet another state’s government. The leading party of Germany, the CDU, turned out to have even less votes than them, which is the lowest result they ever had and not a good sign for the elections of next year.

So far it seems that the established parties are doing very little about the uprise of the AfD. It seems they are helpless even though it would be clearly in their responsibility to educate the people of the true intentions of this party. So the Berlin club scene united under the helm of the Club Map and the Zug der Liebe parade took it upon themselves to tackle the task of spreading the word about the true agenda of the AfD with a new poster campaign. They are fighting for an open and tolerant Berlin and hope to convince the people not to give their “frustration vote” to the AfD at the elections. Have a look after the jump for the posters and their important messages.

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