Masculinity and Sensuality

photo: Renaud Duc

“So God created man in his Own Image…” Granted, the passage from Genesis 1:27 might not necessarily refer to the male, but to the human kind instead. Still, if the work of these immensely talented photographers capture different versions of the male created in God’s image, then I would reconsider becoming religious. Jokes aside, the following work can receive different reactions from the public like any piece of art. However, one thing that cannot be argued in this case is the evident celebration of the male sensuality as well as the realization that what makes something or someone attractive is their authenticity. And this is where the ultimate perfection lies, not in the absence of flaws.

Marc Martin

Few manage to capture the rawness and honesty of male sensuality as vividly as Marc Martin. For the latter the focus lies on the depiction of masculinity and everything that comes along with it.

* * *

Sebastian Pollin

As a fashion and portrait photographer Sebastian Pollin always had a keen eye for the beauty of men, capturing it in all its perfection. His work has been featured in I-D, Vogue Italia, Hercules and Made in Brasil.

* * *

Tony Whitfield

One look at the blog of Tony Whitfield suffices to take notice of the great depth and the prolificacy in his art that demonstrates a subtle vulnerability of the male sensuality. To achieve the latter, he experiments with the various functions of light.

* * *

Lars Theuerkauff

While his work addresses various themes, such as father and son, mother and child, sky, children, Lars Theuerkauffs‘ paintings on male sensuality convey a tranquile eroticness in combination with a melancholic realism.

* * *

Renaud Duc

While his sharp attention to detail, light and poses would make you assume otherwise, Renaud Duc is a self-taught. His work stands out for his admirable technique to capture the realism of the moment. He is, also, an exceptional DJ.

* * *

Francesco Cascavilla

Francesco Cascavilla considers photography as a medium to translate aspects of our inner world into a visual form. His portraits are, therefore, naked not necessarily on the outside, but always on the inside.

* * *

Florian Hetz

It is truly inspiring to observe the evident truth that is depicted in the whole body of work of Florian Hetz, which covers painting, illustration and perfomance. His photography constitutes a life documentation consisting of self-portraits, intimate scenes as well as hedonistic adventures and the extremes in maleness.

* * *

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