Welcome to the Fashion Circus

Calling the world of fashion a circus if actually not at all farfetched. When you walk into the arena with your outfit on fleek it’s all about the ohs and wows, making an impression that lingers longer than a brief glance, surprising the unsurprisable and in the best case make the people smile. Yes, if a design manages people to feel something, regardless what, it has fulfilled an important purpose. It’s here where fashion transcends what is beautiful to something more meaningful. And that’s glory of it.

A while ago I met up with Hungry, a Berlin character so mesmerizing and iconic that s/he has become a fashion statement her/himself. Together we created this photo series for you guys to draw your attention to the Vogue Fashion Night Out special “Night Circus” at Bikini Berlin that happened in September 2016 and turned the whole place into a fashion circus extravaganza full of surprises and special guests such as star photographer Joachim Baldauf, the rising star of Berlin fashion Marina Hoermanseder and tattoo queen Myra Brodsky.

But in the course of our little photo shoot we realized we interfered much more with our surroundings than we anticipated…

With her/his eccentric outfits and highly artistic make-up Hungry is used to receive a lot of attention when out in Berlin’s nightlife. But what happens when you stage her/him into ordinary scenarios like waiting for the subway, reading a magazine in a cafe, eating French Fries, crossing the traffic light or hang out in a shopping mall? Ripped out of the context of an extravagant party or make-up award show s/he becomes a walking sight. People stopped around us with their jaws dropped, fascinated and astonished, amused and excited. People suddenly lost interest in the Memorial Church and directed their cameras toward us. They came over asking us question, even requesting to take photos with Hungry. People’s minds were stirred up in ways we probably can’t even begin to understand. But most importantly we left an impression they probably won’t forget so easily.

Thanks for the support by Bikini Berlin

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