The Berlin-Code: How to understand the City

In the time that we have all spent in Berlin either as visitors or residents, how much energy have we invested in getting to know the city? What could we say about it, that could be insightful and at the same time descriptive of its true identity? Do we even know the city we so passionately talk about?

Brenda Strohmaier’s and Alexander S. Wolf’s “Der Berlin-Code” tackles this -oddly- rarely addressed issue by creating a very special guide for anyone curious to find out a little bit more about Berlin’s core identity. What makes this book unique is that it transcends the usual questions  “Where to go?”, “What to do?” etc. as well as the well-known discontent about how Berlin used to be and how it currently is. Instead, it delves into themes that cannot be approached by a simple Google search.

The Berlin-Code explores all these features that make Berlin so beloved and at the same time so different from any other metropolis as well as all the traits that make somebody local. From the significance of its public transportation to the magic lurking in every corner of its diverse neighborhoods and from Berliners’ definition of luck to their inconspicuous friendliness, the Berlin-Code is by all means worth your time and attention. In other words: if Berlin was a person asked in a job interview to introduce themselves and elaborate on who they are, then all that would come out of their mouth would be found in this book.

If you want to take a closer look you should join the opening of the Berlin-Code exhibition that accompanies the book launch in September at Bikini Berlin on September 13th 2016.

What does Berlin mean for you and which of its core values speak to you the most? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below until September 12th 2016 for your chance to win one of the brand new Berlin-Code books. Good luck!

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