Photographs by Manuel Moncayo: An Escape to Nature

photos: Manuel Moncayo

There are these moments, where all you want is simply to pause your life, take a deep breath, clear your head from all the annoying and time-consuming distractions that you let govern you and just exist without thinking that you are running late on your schedule. All that is needed is just these few minutes, where you get to really think about what you are doing and/or what you have become, not necessarily in an existential or an overanalysing way, but in the fashion that suits you best. How often do we even stop for a moment to observe our surroundings, appreciate what we have and realize that the majority of what we like to call “problems” are very insignificant considering we only live just a couple of decades? While pausing your life might not be possible, escaping from its worries just for a bit might prove just as rewarding.

For some, meditation, yoga or locking themselves in their room for a few hours staring at the ceiling and letting their appetite succumb to something with hundreds of calories might be the most efficient way to reach that point, whereas others have a certain urge to experience something outdoors away from the hustle and bustle they grew to live with and enjoy. For the latter, Berlin offers an array of lakes and greenery they can escape to and enjoy the nature. Alone or with company, with or without clothes and always when the weather allows it, nature serves as a safe haven for humans.

The work of Manuel Moncayo proves to be a great depiction of exactly that among other things: nature was and will – hopefully – always be a place free of social norms, where humans can find shelter and be themselves, be vulnerable, be safe. His photographs remind us that this is actually where we come from, where we belong as well as where we can be more in sync with the world around us. We selected some of the most beautiful and sensual photos that he took in and around Berlin. In case you would like to delve more into Moncayo’s themes, check out his first book “Guys, Light and Nature” published by Portfolio 1000.

His new solo exhibition “Born” that features his work that he made here in Berlin opens on April 15, 2017 and runs through April 17 open daily from 12-20 at Lindower Str. 18 in Wedding. It is accompanied by a new photo book of the same titled available at the gallery or through the artist.

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