Stay Strong behind the Scenes

What might give the impression as merely a piece of entertainment, might include another layer, less bright and light-hearted than the first one. This is what I think every time I see a film or a play. The time, the effort and the mental resources one has to invest as a creator, are often nowhere to be seen in the final product. The same applies to this blog as well; behind the – digital – scenes things happen sometimes which we bravely tackle, in that we grit our teeth and make the best out of the hardships, so that we do not pester our readers with the unpleasant.

“Stay Strong” is a major theme for Actimel. In cooperation with the well-known drinkable yogurt we dealt with the topic of when one needs to stay strong here in Berlin a few weeks ago. The result is a humorous comic, created with great love by the illustrator and our colleague here at Blogfabrik Sophia Halamoda. Take a look at it below.

Within the shooting of the new commercial for the Stay Strong campaign Actimel dealt actively with the issue. It goes without saying that the pressure at a video shooting is quite high. One is incredibly time pressed, the weather is unpredictable, there is a lot that needs to be done and on top of that there are stubborn actors – in this case that would be animals. Under such circumstances, one can easily get emotionally exhausted, the bags under the eyes grow huge and sometimes all one is left to do is heartily laugh about everything.

During the aforementioned shooting there have been a lot of absurd and funny situations, that it was decided to edit them together in a quasi behind-the-scenes clip. This is how we learnt, for example, about the challenging tasks, that kept the director’s assistants constantly busy or about the challenge to work with a real pig.

The whole thing is to be taken with a pinch of salt of course, since neither assistants nor animals were hurt during the shooting. However, you can really understand from the clips, how challenging some jobs are and how heroically they are mastered. This remains unfortunately inconspicuous. Despite all stresses and strains the final outcome is great and as you can see in this case funny as well. “Stay Strong” is, therefore, definitely worthwhile 😉

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