True Italian: Where to enjoy the best Italian Food in Berlin?

Food culture is nothing you are supposed to take lightly. Especially when you have Italian origins. Food is love, passion, dedication and joy. There is no better way to get closer to other human beings than sharing a meal and a good drink. When I was younger and living in a smaller town (in East Germany) a good meal was something I could only enjoyed at home (because restaurants in East Germany pretty much failed at that). When I moved to Berlin I discovered the diversity of the gastronomy here and I was especially surprised that I could enjoy so many authentic Italian meals so far away from the land of my origin (now I sound like a grandpa).

But let’s face the facts. Berlin is also full of places that are not authentic and not the best. Our friends and food lovers from Berlino Magazine did not stand the fact that there are so many wannabe Italian restaurants only serving the mediocre cliche dishes (Pizza, Pasta, Lasagne, you name it) and so many Berliners did not get to enjoy the real authentic and special recipes only Italians know and like. Italian food culture has such a variety of amazing dishes that deserve to be known and appreciated that they started the 72hrs True Italian Food Festival. Starting this Thursday September 28nd at 19h until Sunday evening October 1st 2017, over 50 Italian restaurants, pizzerias, wineries, bakeries and bars will offer their own specialties to all Berliners for just 7 EUR including a glass of wine.

How to participate in this festival? It’s quite simple: You only have to go to one of the over 50 restaurant listed in the map and order the True Italian special. Every restaurant has its own offer consisting of a food specialty matched with a glass of wine.

Together with us and the team of Blogfabrik we organized an Aperitivo as the launch event for this unique festival in its first edition in 2016. 10 food makers and Amaro Lucano, an exquisite Italian Amaro liqueur spoiled us with snacks and drinks for a whole night of food pleasure. Today we want to present you their delicacies here on the blog and show you some impression of the night. At this year’s edition of the 72h True Italian food festival you will get to taste many more!


This special restaurant in Schöneberg has still the old Italian mother from the owner in the kitchen giving instruction to the team. A super delicious caponata and some crunchy bruschetta tickled our taste buds to the max.

Lima Lima

Located in the heart of Charlottenburg this restaurant is serving original South Italian food. They brought their special onion pie to our event. The idea of eating an onion pie might sound strange at first. But after you tasted this delicacy you would rather leave your date at home then miss this dish.


Vegan but not free of carb sins, were the delicious vegan Lasagne and vegan Pizza by this restaurant located in Prenzlauer Berg. Definitely, a place I have to go by soon.

Erste Sahne

Actually, this funny German name of the Restaurant is not exaggerating. The mini cream sweets of this places are heavens first choice.

Kuchen von Gaia

Every Saturday the cute guy doing Bigne (Italian version of cream puff) at Boxhagener Platz knows how to make everyone happy with sweets that you won’t taste anywhere else.

Pane Sironi

Italian Focaccia is not just bread. It’s an honest and tasty pleasure making you love every bite of it. Pane Sironi is selling authentic Focaccia at Markthalle 9 in Kreuzberg.

Jamme Ja

We did not talk about cheese yet. Italians know how to transform food with one ingredient: Parmesan. Jamme Ja is a restaurant in Friedrichshain that makes cuisine from Naples. At our event the truly convinced us that they are capable of doing one of the best Parmigianas in Berlin.

Pane, Amore e Fantasia

You need the amazing bread to be delivered to your big fat Italian Wedding in Berlin? Bread Love and Phantasy is the claim of this bread delivery service bringing the most authentic Italian bread directly to your doorsteps.

Olio Costa

Olive oil is the vegan blood that runs through the veins of  all the best Italian dishes (what a metaphor). Olio Costa is one of the proud sponsors of the event and is producing native olive oil with extraordinary taste.

Amaro Lucano

A good drink knows how to make company. Through the entire evening we got the amazing cocktails by the Amaro Lucano team which is a herbal liquor from South Italy. They mixed them with delicious Lurisia Lemon and Orange and Soda Caffee.  Thanks for letting us enjoy so many nice drinks.

More impressions of  our Aperitivo night at Blogfabrik.

Thank you to Berlino Magazine for the collaboration.

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