Forgotten Worlds and Forbidden Places

photos: Dietmar Eckell

Continuing our article series on forbidden and forgotten places around the world, whether they are underground or way above ground, all these pictures have one thing in common: they showcase parts of the world we would rarely discover on our own and they demonstrate the love of the respective photographers for their art, that makes them defy any danger or challenge that comes along with such an adventurous endeavor.

The same can be said about the new material created by Dietmar Eckell who did not only travel to the end of the world visiting places such as Μyanmar, Laos, Thailand and Kazakhstan, but also dared to ignore signs that read “No Tresspassing” to explore restricted military areas with the help of his drone; and this is only a part of what his work depicts.

Continuing the success of his exhibition and photo book “Restwert” of last year which we previewed on the blog, there was a second exhibition with the new work in 2016 at gallery ErsterErster in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Below a little look at some of the works for you!

“Hand of God”, the church has survived huge torrents of lava in Mexico, series: “Faithless”

“Space Junk” from the space race between the Americans and the Russians, series: “Restwert”

“Space Junk” from the space race between the Americans and the Russians, series: “Restwert”

war equipment in the middle of nowhere in California, series: R.I.P.

a 1926 navigation arrow that used to help the first airmail planes cover the distance between…

… New York and Los Angeles. The invention of the radar made them redundant, series: Broken Arrow

semi-drowned domes in Florida, series: No Vacancy

fishing boat in what is left from the Aral sea in Kazakhstan, series: Stranded

train tracks in California

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