The Turkish Market: The Land of Plenty Across the River

illustrations: Johanna Dumet

For some people it might be shoes, for others clothes or “high tech stuff” – a term that does not exactly prove my awareness in this area. For me it has always been food, especially the process of purchasing it. There have always been two things that could make me happy no matter what: a beautiful, sunny weather and a huge supermarket full of quality products. The Turkish market combines both these elements into one fascinating extravaganza of color, scent and lively sounds. On top of that, the market is situated at the river bank known as Maybachufer offering people the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing lunch break while gazing at the playful swans in front of them. When the sky is cloud free and the sun shines, it feels like walking into an oasis, where a highly convenient trade-off takes place: you walk into the market as if you are walking into a safe haven, which will suck all your stress and negative energy and replace it with tranquility and a sense of relief.

Johanna Dumet‘s paintings capture exactly this unique element in an exemplary way. Her use of colors convey the livelihood of the Turkish market, whereas their softness manifests the magic that makes the sense of tranquility in a vibrant and lively atmosphere possible. Follow her on Instagram  here.

Location: Maybachufer (near the U-Bahn station U8: Schönleinstraße)

Opening hours: Tuesdays and Fridays, 11:00-18:30

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