Caffè Torino: An Italian Aperitivo in Berlin

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One of my favorite Italian traditions that I have always enjoyed so much when I was there is the Aperitivo. And by that I don’t mean a simply fizzy drink before I dinner, I mean the whole ritual that comes attached to that. The meeting in a bar in the early evening, enjoy a good drink and snack from a delicious buffet full of Italian delicacies. When you hear “Aperitivo” in Germany you will most likely only get the drink – very few bars offer the entire experience, the Bar Milano or the event series Aperitivo a Berlino being the few exceptions. But thankfully this has just changed as we just got a new Aperitivo bar in Berlin…

On Monday we joined the opening event of the Caffè Torino in Prenzlauer Berg at Raabestraße 1. The cosy pop-up-bar by Martini brings the concept of a Vermoutheria to Berlin, Vermouth being one of the main ingredients of the typical Aperitivo cocktails. Until November 6th we will be able to enjoy amazing Italian drinks and snack food that will also make our German “Feierabend” a little sweeter. It’s actually worth to get off of work a little early because just like in Italy the Aperitivo at Caffè Torino already starts at 4 p.m.

For lovers of exquisite drinks the Vermoutheria is a true haven as they offer not only perfectly mixed classic Aperitivo drinks, but also contemporary variations of them like the Americano Bologna which is like a lighter and fruitier Negroni. All of the drinks will be prepared with the new, more exclusive Martini “Riserva Speciale Rubino” and “Riserva Speciale Ambrato“. We say: Salute!

“Aperitivo starts at 4”

Caffè Torino, Raabestr. 1, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

October 11 – November 6, 2016, open Thu-Sun 16-22h

Thanks for the support by Martini

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