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photo: Frau Tonis Parfum

Autumn has come lovely people. We cannot deny it any more. It is, therefore, high time we started coming up with nice activities for this grey time of year. Quite a few times we have you aware of the fabulous, tempting offers by Priceless® Berlin and on this note we will carry on today. This time we have picked out a few activities for you for the cold days that will get your creative juices flowing. DIY has become such a pretty big trend; but in order to develop the right skills for it, think about participating at some of the workshops, that are offered in great abundance all over Berlin. We picked out a few exciting suggestions for you.

On board is also Berlin-re-cycle, whose workshop we recently featured in detail; there, you can work on your own upcycling lamps. Besides that, you can make your own perfume with the help of Frau Tonis or get a professional make-up by the MUD experts.

Mix your own Curry Workshop

As is generally known, there is nothing better against cold feet and grey weather than warm food. Especially when the latter is full of colors and it smells lovely, nothing can go wrong. This is where the focus of the Curry-Workshop lies. Based on the wisdom of Hildegard von Bingen participants will be trained in the effects of every single element of a special curry mix and right afterwards they will have the opportunity to blend their own mix and take it home. Mastercard® cardholders will be able to learn more about the healing effects of every element and spice in advance.

Where: Ölmühle an der Havel, Bergmannstraße 104, 10961 Berlin

When: Make your individual booking here until November 15, 2016

* * *

Exclusive Guitar Building Workshop

The sound of the guitar is most of the times of digital instead of analogue nature; one more reason to immerse in the origins of this instrument. After all, it is one of the core elements of the indie-rock-parties of our youth. Martin Meckbach introduces us in this workshop in the construction of guitars. You can choose between an acoustic and a concert guitar and construct it under guidance during a 90-minute workshop.

Where: Gitarren Meckbach, Dunkerstraße 70a, 10437 Berlin

When: Make your individual booking here until March 19, 2017

* * *

Build a Design Lamp out of Bike Parts

Some of our editors here at iHeartBerlin have participated in this workshop. Together with sculptor and artist Stuart N. R. Wolfe Mastercard® cardholders can create something new out of former bicycle parts in his studio. Thanks to this workshop for two we have the cult lamp “Monbijou” along with two art postcards made by the artist himself in our office.

Where: berlin-re-cycling, Möckernstraße 92, 10963 Berlin

When: Make your individual booking here until December 31, 2016

* * *

Beauty Workshop 2 for 1 at MUD Studio

This workshop offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy something with a beloved of yours. Under “Freundinnen-Special” Mastercard® cardholders get a beauty workshop for two in the price of one. The workshop lasts for two hours and participants receive a 45Euro beauty product for free at the end. MUD Studio, founded by Miriam Jacks, is an established beauty business and people who sign up for this workshop will learn all the tricks and tips behind professional, natural-looking make-up. Perfect against autumn paleness!

Where: MUD Studio Berlin, Oderberger Straße 48, 10435 Berlin

When: Make your individual booking here until November 30, 2016

* * *

Exclusive Workshop “Gnocchi e Limoncelli”

According to its owner Facciola is “a state of mind”. Italian cuisine is more than just a few dishes; it is more of a feeling; in fact, a positive one. As a workshop participant you will have the opportunity to experience this feeling and enjoy Italian delicacies, such as Gnocchi and Limoncello. In the first evening participants will make gnocchi as well as a traditional dessert together. In the second evening the focus lies on the mixing of the delicious Italian lemon liquor Limoncello.

Where: Facciola – Specialitá e vino, Forster Str. 5, 10999 Berlin

When: On December 11 & 12, 2016

* * *

Press your own Oil Workshop

In this workshop for 2-4 people participants will learn everything about the production and use of high quality oil. Under guidance they will produce their own oil, try numerous types of oil, make their own salad dressings as well as experience the usefulness of oil for baking. Besides that, they will be informed about the effects and the application of oil for cooking and get a 100ml bottle of their own pressed oil as a memento.

Where: Ölmühle an der Havel, Bergmannstraße 104, 10961 Berlin

When: Make your individual booking here until December 31, 2016

* * *

Create your own Perfume Workshop

It is a real luxury to create and wear your own signature fragrance. Frau Tonis Parfum makes this possible through her exclusive workshop. In pairs you will be able to surround yourselves with all kinds of different scents and pick your favorite ones. Accompanied by champagne and snacks you will be introduced in the world of fragrances and create your own under guidance. At the end, you will get a 50ml bottle of your own personal perfume.

Where: FRAU TONIS PARFUM, Zimmerstraße 13, 10969 Berlin

When: Make your individual booking here until January, 31, 2017

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