How Migration Feels Like

Oren Lazovski, NO-MAD, 2016 © Johan Planefeldt

Migration is pretty much a hot topic these days, but for the most part we only look at it from one side: The immigrants and what effect they might have on the places they migrate to. But what I find way more interesting and important to know is how migration actually feels like for the people that have to do it. In the end every single migration has a story attached to it that needs to be told, and be heard.

This video collected some migration stories from the makers and performers of the annual ID Festival that is going to take place this weekend for the second time at Radialsysteme V. The theme of this year is migration, so it made a lot of sense to ask all the people involved what their personal association with this term is. The result is a beautiful collection of personal anecdotes and statements that bring us closer to understanding the emotional weight of migration.

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