Good Drinks for Dark Autumn Days in Berlin

All Photos: Jacob Schickler

Adapting to the Berlin Winter can mean a lot of things. For me personally, Winter is not only about suffering absurd weather conditions but also to take the opportunity to learn new things. After all Summer in Berlin is way too distracting to do so.

But instead of going to Volkshochschule to a Photoshop course or taking a French class, this year I learned how to create some of the best Whiskey cocktails ever. Not bad, huh? One of the finest American¬†Whiskey brands Woodford Reserve invited us to meet and learn from two bartending superstars. At Bar Convent Berlin we met one bartender from Le Titty Twister in Paris and one bartender from Herzog in Munich. They personally showed us how to create two of their favorite Whiskey drinks and we made notes for you to copy ūüėČ

Especially in this dark month of the year I love Whiskey drinks with a tangerine scent. They give me a feeling of comfort, like sitting in front of a stove or a fireplace and listening to the sound of the wind outside making the trees rustle. Perfect for the rest of Autumn I would say. The whole recipes and many pictures  after the jump.

Purple Nyna

This drink was taught to us by one of the legendary bar keepers of the famous Le Titty Twister bar in Paris. The style of the bartender was a great mix of rock and roll and chic and so was his drink coming straight from this fancy but rough nightlife spot in the sexiest city after Berlin.


60 ml Woodford Reserve

2 bs West Indian Orange Bitter

15 ml Violet Syrup

3 g  Clementine peel

1 Slice of Clementine

3 Ice Cubes


Fill up an old fashioned¬†glass (see pictures) with all the ingredients and the ice cubes. Gently stir everything with a long cocktail spoon. You don’t need to pre-chill the glass in the freezer. The drink can be served with an additional¬†violet candy on top.

Orange County

Sophisticated cities have good taste in good drinks I must admit. Munich is maybe not your number one city to go too for a crazy, sparkly rave, but for a nice evening in a cocktail bar the Herzog will do a tremendous job in getting you jingled and happy. Or maybe just happy if you know how to restrain yourself from this delicious drink.


10 ml of Calamansi Vinegar

20 ml Lime juice

20 ml Honey

20 ml Zirberschnaps

40 ml Woodford Reserve

1 pinch Cubeb pepper

3 ice cubes


Use an ice tea glass for this cocktail. Place all the required ingredients and the ice in the shaker and move it like you would try to use a spray can. Then pour it into the glass and stir it with a long cocktail spoon.

Thanks to Woodford Reserve for the support

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