Street Art in Berlin: The Interaction of Murals

photos: alexberlinetta

Street art is alive and kicking in Berlin; what better proof for this ongoing development than the several new murals scattered all over the city? The best part is that you are most likely to discover a new one, every time you take a different path on your way to work, home, etc.; and while you are walking down the street immersed in and overwhelmed by your worries, you lift your head and there you see one: colorful or in black-white, depicting figures or people, they are always striking; as if they have the power to grab you from the pool of thoughts you so gladly swim in, and show you a different world, much more refreshing and easy-going. On the pictures below you can see people (inter)acting with the murals consciously and unconsciously. It is truly remarkable how present they are in our everyday life and how they can have an impact on our mood so easily.

Uriginal (BCN), Frobenstr. Schöneberg, Urban Nation

James Bullough, Frobenstr. Schöneberg, Urban Nation

Stralauer Allee, Friedrichshain

Stralauer Allee, Friedrichshain

Stralauer Allee, Friedrichshain

Stralauer Allee, Friedrichshain

Marina Zumi, Bülowstr. Schöneberg, Urban Nation

Teufelsberg, Spy Station, Grunewald

Jadore Tong, Wilhelmstr. Kreuzberg

Friedrichstr. Kreuzberg

Bülowstr. Schöneberg, Urban Nation

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