A Breakfast Guide for Berlin-Mitte

It goes without saying that breakfast is or at least should be the meal of the uttermost importance during the day. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the etymology of the word refers to a large amount of food, with which a person breaks his fast in the morning. Its paramount importance is more than obvious in Berlin with countless cafes have outdoing themselves daily by offering an impressive variety of delicacies, sweets, omelets, coffee etc. and even accepting reservations on their busiest days. It is truly hard to compile a list with the best ones in Berlin, which is why we opted to create a guide for almost every neighborhood. What is more, we are always very happy to hear about new places that you have discovered and love, so make sure you share with us your suggestions in the comment section below. Today it is Mitte’s turn.

Father Carpenter

Do you ever feel like shutting down during the day for a few minutes? Finding a safe haven away from the madness that is constantly chasing you and relax for a while? Should you be sighing yes at this moment, then you should definitely give Father Carpenter a chance. This place sets the bar really high, when it comes to brewed coffee. Cooperating with the roastery of Friedrichshain’s Silo Coffee, this week alone they introduced two new coffees from Ethiopia and Costa Rica. Located in a beautiful courtyard it feels like you are not in the heart of the city’s chaotic centre, but some place else, smaller and cozy. As far as breakfast is concerned, I will just say that the origins of the term food porn might lie here.

Location: Münzstraße 21, Berlin-Mitte.

* * *

Distrikt Coffee

It is very hard to live in Berlin and not have heard about Distrikt. I was so surprised the first time I went there on a weekday morning and I had to wait to get a table. Well, it was definitely worth it. The thought of their buttermilk pancakes as well as their white bean humus can make my stomach roar any time.

Location: Bergstraße 66, Berlin-Mitte.

* * *

Café Fleury

Just a few meters away from the metro station Rosenthaler Platz Fleury is open every single day from early in the morning until late in the evening offering not only breakfast, but also lunch, salads, quiches, croques and many other delicious dishes which we have the french cuisine to thank for. A look at its hailing reviews online is enough to start calling your friends to ask them, when their next available morning is.

Location: Weinbergsweg 20, Berlin-Mitte.

* * *


Its minimal decoration makes me want to pretend I am in a Tom Ford movie every time I sit at one of the tables enjoying my coffee. Mogg is multi-talented, as it, also, engages, in catering and street food. You can even book a table online. Alone the building itself with its rich history – used to be an all female school come hospital – is worth a visit. As far as the food is concerned, words cannot convey how good it is. The bagel with egg and the lentil sandwich make excellent options for breakfast.

Location: Auguststraße 11-13, Berlin-Mitte.

Mogg & Melzer

Mogg & Melzer

* * *

The Store Kitchen

Located in the Soho House Building, the Store is a very special project that started almost three years ago. This places offers its visitors a brand new experience, as they can take a look on innovative pieces of fashion, furniture, arts and books along with the benefit of enjoying high quality breakfast and brunch at the same space. The Store, also, hosts occasionally book and record launches as well as culinary events such as the charity dinner against hunger on November 14th.

Location: Torstraße 1, Berlin-Mitte.

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