The Ultimate Berghain Satire: A Fan Shop

Sven Marquardt on a big bike ride or a Segway tour through Berlin, joining Bachelor nights as a special guest and bouncing tourists at the Checkpoint Charlie? What the hell is going on in these videos and what on Earth does anything Berghain-related have to do with mainstream tourism things you might wonder. All the clues lead to a dubious online shop masked as an official Berghain merchandise store selling souvenirs such as the original Berghain stamp, I heart Berghain T-Shirts and Sven Marquardt rubber masks. Is this a complete nightmare or a dream come true for Berghain fans (and wannabes)? You will be tempted to buy (at least the stamp for practical reasons) but on the check-out you will be informed: “Sorry, we’re sold out!” Huh, how peculiar…

Could this be a comment on the recent news that Berghain was elevated above all other Berlin clubs as a cultural venue bringing it to the same level as concert halls and theaters (and ultimately in the position to enjoy reduced taxation)? It would make sense. Receiving the stamp of approval by the city is in a way the ultimate sell-out for an underground techno and sex club. Or is it not?

UPDATE: The announced opening of the fan shop (that was a critical art project in disguise) never happened and all websites and videos have been taken down.

* * *

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