Exploring Berlin: A Guide to Weserstraße in Neukölln

photo: Neukölln Shopping Night

So many words have been written on Neukölln hailing it for the melting pot that it represents as well as its countless bars, cafes and event venues. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that finding a flat or a room there has turned into a Hunger Games competition. This story, however, focuses on a very special feature of this thrilling borough. As you might have already noticed in our “events” section, this Saturday an all new edition of Neukölln Shopping Night takes place, this time in Weserkiez, where a range of wonderful bars, stores and restaurants awaiting you will make you feel overwhelmed and unable to choose where to go first. We tried to compile a list of all the places that we personally cannot wait to visit hoping to give you a hand when wandering around the plethora of captivating choices. The places participating in the event mentioned above have prepared a lot of surprises for this special day that will keep them open way until late evening.


Once you visit Bohei, you will always find yourself returning there, since the last time you bought someone a present from here, they seemed to really like it and this somehow made you want to pamper yourself with lots of well-chosen design gifts. Strange, isn’t it?  Well, maybe not that much, when you see this place’s bags, prints and wallets.

Location: Weserstraße 43, Mo-Sa 12-19h

* * *

Chrome Store

A brand new clothing store in Lenaustraße. Chrome Store sells modern vintage brands (A.P.C, Acne, Isabel Marrant) and current collections by Berlin designers for both women and men.

Location: Lenaustr. 10, Mo-Fr 13-20h, Sa 11-19h

* * *


LeMagass is a Vintage shop, that started as a temporary shop at the very center of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. Now located in the heart of Kreuzkölln’s Reuterkiez the eclectic Vintage store has already marked a new chapter in its constantly exciting story.

Location: Reuterstraße 59, Mo-Fr 14-19h, Sa 12-17

* * *

Let Them Eat Cake / Oh Mini I am

The shop owners of this place totally fell in love with 90′s fashion and want to share it with you. Let them Eat Cake and Oh Mini I am are located both at the same address and are run by two girls from the North who regularly bring some vintage from their countries along with a lot of denims and accessories.

Location: Weserstraße 164, Mo-Sa 13-19h

* * *


Due to an individually chosen preselection Neuzwei showcases a selection of clothes with special colors and cuts made out of high-quality materials such as silk, wool or leather; this should not mean that you will not find the simple black shirt in the store.

Location: Weserstraße 53, Tu-Sa 13-19h

* * *

Obst und Gemüse

This atelier store has made a name for itself by selling high quality handmade fashion from five designer since 2010. It would be a great omission not to include it in our list.

Location: Weserstraße 56, Tu-Fr 12-19h, Sa 13-19h

* * *


What makes this store stand out is its collection of clothing, accessories and stationary from independent Berliner labels with a focus on handcraft and upcycling. Australian fashion desinger and Shio’s owner Kate Pinkstone breaths new life into second hand garments and creates her own summer and winter collection every year.

Location: Weichselstraße 59, Mo-Sa 13-19h

* * *

Un Autre VooDoo

Un Autre VooDoo describes itself as “a playground for 25 young international designers”. The latter have created a wildly innovative selection of clothes, shoes, accessories as well as special items for children. Every product is curated with special care by the owners.

Location: Tellstraße 7, Mo-Sa 12-18h

* * *


Wesen is a place in constant creative movement. All their products are made with respect to the environment and to the people who manufacture them.

Location: Tellstr. 7, Mo-Sa 11-19h

* * *

These were all the stores taking part in the Weserstraßen edition of the Neukölln Shopping Night on Saturday. Below you will find a couple of extra places that we also like to recommend to you that are good to have a snack before or a drink after on Weserstraße…

* * *


This is a very nice place for lunch and fresh, take-away, warm and cold ­dishes and snacks, such as their irresistible home made cookies. Vegans and vegetarians will be very happy here!

Location: Weserstraße 166, Tu-Fr 11:30-17h, Sa 12-16:30h

* * *


If TiER were a person, it would be one of those people you see at university and you instantly know you are going to be friends with them for many years to come. There are some policies you need to have in mind though: no groups over six people, no photos and no guests under 21 years of age.

Location: Weserstraße 42, Mo-Su 19-02h

TiER, photo: Matthias Piket

* * *


Enjoy a craft beer or a daily special such as their excellent Moules Frites. Beuster Bar offers German and typical bistro favorites and cocktails. What is more, this place serves as a restaurant ready to satisfy even the culinarily pickiest ones.

Location: Weserstr. 32, Mo-Fr 18-02h, Sat-Sun 11-02h

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