The Fluffy Inhabitants of Berlin

photos: Marcello Zerletti

We speak so much about the diverse population of Berlin that comes together here from all over the world. At the same time we have often neglected to give some of those inhabitants of the city some attention that have been living here much longer than we do. And I’m not talking about the Urberliner, I’m talking about the wildlife of Berlin that despite the urbanization of Men still secretly coexists here with us thanks to the fact that Berlin kept a lot of green spaces inside the city.

So without noticing us we are surrounded by cute fluffy creatures that live in the park behind the block, the overgrown piece of land next to the trail tracks or the gigantic Tiergarten. There we have fox families, squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs and other kind of little critters; and of course lots of birds, the expats of wildlife. Of course most of these animals are quite shy, only come out during night or keep to the quieter parts of town away from human life. But if you have patience and know a little bit about their behavior you will get to see them.

One man has taken the time to get to know these most innocent of Berlin inhabitants: Photographer and Instagrammer Marcello Zerletti has an admiration of those fluffy Berliners. He spends a lot of time in outside in the streets and parks. He has encountered many of the animals that live around us and thanks to his sensibility and respect that he has for them, they have accepted him as part of their habitat and come out from hiding so he can capture them with his camera. Since he first posted this super adorable photo of a red squirrel at the Brandenburger Gate I have eagerly awaited every new photo from the Fauna of Berlin. For iHeartBerlin he has now gathered his most beautiful wildlife shots for you and I can’t wait to share them with you. If you want to see more beautiful shots (also of our beloved city) you should follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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