Unforgettable Berlin Moments: Pretty Priceless!

Using the metro for the first time, kissing a stranger on the dance floor, sitting on the roof and gazing at the city, when the sun rises; these are all moments, which Berliners and especially those of us, who have moved to the city, associate with, when it comes down to our beloved metropolis. One knows very well, that no matter how exciting other capitals might be, this feeling of curiosity, freedom and adventure can only be found in its purest form here.

Through Priceless® Berlin we had the opportunity to recommend you a variety of special places and moments. However, every one of you has a collection of special experiences, which belong to their very personal Berlin moments; and because these moments can vary for every person, I wrote down my own top three Berlin-Highlights, as I wanted to share them with you.

Travel around the World in a Day

You don’t need to win the lottery to hear foreign languages, try new dishes or see extreme plants and animals in Berlin. On a sunny day last winter my sister and I embarked on our little Berlin world trip. French breakfast at Fleury was what we needed to start our day strong and fit.

The first stop was the botanic gardens in Zehlendorf with their wonderful glasshouses. Here, you can explore flora from every continent by walking a couple of hundred meters. The most beautiful part of the gardens is the warm palm house, even though your camera lens might not agree.

After a culinary stop in Italy, which lies – as is generally known – in the heart of Schöneberg in a place called Muntagnola, we set off to Egypt heading to Potsdamer Platz to pay the Nefertiti Bust a quick visit. Right after the historic beauty-tutorial we moved on to Russia with a ballet visit at swan lake. For our evening meal we went to the Alps with Schneeweiß at Friedrichshain and then to Japan through Monster Ronson’s Karaoke. For the end we danced at Südblock in Kreuzberg, where we would feel during the Berlin Voguing Out Festival, that we are in New York and the dance floor sizzles from the shining glittery figures.

The next day I was lying in bed and felt so unbelievably happy to live in a city, where the whole world comes together in so many ways. I would, thus, definitely recommend you a Berliner world trip; quick tip: executing half of the plan elaborated above is more than enough.

Capturing Moments of the Past

No other city has had such a tempestuous past like Berlin. A few years ago I had the chance to work on a project, where I was able to experience this from a little closer. For the 25 year anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall I interviewed 25 entrepreneurs, that had left an imprint on Berlin and will continue to do so in the future; I was particularly interested in listening about their recollections from the fall of the Berlin wall.

It was incredibly moving listening to people, who had actually lived in an era, where the world, the way they knew it, was coming to an end and a new one was arising.

I can still remember, how I was standing there at Lichtergrenze at East Side Gallery. together with the 25 entrepreneurs. Every one of them gave me the impression that they were constantly wondering how different their life would have been, had the Berlin wall not fallen. I am sad not to have been old enough at that time to have conscientiously experienced this moment in history; at the same time, I am very happy to have always been enjoying Berlin as a free city.

An Illuminating Discovery

It is well known, that a lot of people are skeptical about yoga, meditation and many other spiritual practices. However, Berlin is a city, where a skeptical mindset has nothing to entertain itself. On the contrary, I was lucky enough to bump into people here and discover through these practices a brand new aspect of myself.

I can still remember the day, when I discovered Your Space. Hidden in one of Berlin’s many backyards, one will discover on the third floor of a garden house a small magical world. Immersed in the sound of gongs and the scent of incense I didn’t just learn a lot of exciting things like yoga and meditation, but I, also, realized that one doesn’t need to do a lot to get to know themselves better; other than maybe a special place, where there is space and time to think.

I hope these small Berlin moments showed you, how varied one can experience something special here. To do so, it is worth turning off Google Maps, to be able to really delve into the Berlin street life.

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