Whatever your opinion on the murals at Art Park Tegel might be, I bet their sight will not leave you indifferent, which is actually the true purpose of art; the ability to convey feelings through opening the door to fruitful dialogue, to peaceful exchange of opinions, to communication.

Australian urban artist Fintan Magee never imagined that reading a children’s book by Michael Foreman would later inspire him to create something that beautiful. His work depicts a couple being separated by a war-torn wasteland. Greenery is almost magically incorporated in his work sprouting from the ground and entwining the two figures. In the arms of the woman there is a baby or rather life.

The Spanish twin brothers, How and Nosm, also known as Raoul and Davide Perre, created an awe-inspiring creature with “the eye of destiny” trying to reach the stars. How amazing would it be to be able to see their work lit at night under the clear, star-loaded sky of Reinickendorf.

Street artist Gonzalo Borondo managed to raise some eyebrows with his mural depicting a young girl covered in blood. Several Berliner media outlets have reported that it is an eyesore for several local residents, who do not wish to see something that gloomy and graphic every day. I personally find it poignant but at the same time eye-opening and some necessary food for thought.

The result of the collaboration of Super A and Collin van der Sluijs is a remarkable blue-feathered starling painted in astounding detail and in vivid colors just in seven days representing impeccably the artists’ ability to combine surrealism with realistic precision.

Having graced streets and galleries in over 35 countries through their work, a mural by the London Police could not be missing from the Art Park Tegel. Painted in soft, joyful colors it elevates the mind and soul, especially if you visit in good weather.

Italian street artist Pixel Pancho created an impressive piece showing something that resembles both a human and a robot using an earthy color scheme that made him well known in the first place.

The six murals located at Art Park Tegel are part of the “One Wall One Mural Project” by Urban Nation, a non-profit organization offering opportunities and space to urban contemporary artists. It was a delight for us to speak with director Yasha Young and have an in-depth interview with her last October.

Personally, I am in awe of the work these artists have put in. The result is breathtaking, the colors are impressively vivid, the figures are depicted in astonishing detail, which leaves me longing to have one of these in my neighborhood soon.

You can find all 6 artworks at Neheimer Straße and Bernauer Straße in Reineckendorf at the Southern shore of the Tegeler See.

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on November 17th, 2016
in Art