How Berlin feels like during Winter

Berlin during winter is inspiring in its bleak scenery. Sitting here, breathing there – existing, like a child that was told what to do. There is no way to live it right or wrong – if you’re dressed up well, it’s going to be fine. It’s going to be fine. For myself, coming from the warmer climes, the winter here has been harder to go through than I expected. It’s colder than I can take, but that feeling when the brain freezes – that’s a true wake up! And if it’s too cold and work allows so, I can stay at home and make music in bed, pretending I’m Virginia Wolf, during a downfall. No matter what I ask for, the city can bring me. The city will accept my doings. The city will let me be who I feel like being without judgements and assumptions. The city understands it’s cold during winter, the people understand it’s cold during winter. They don’t expect much, but appreciate it when you do. So privileged we are, here in Berlin.

And yes. Berlin during winter is mud and rain and snow. It’s second hand oversized pullovers in moody colors. It’s loud, smoky bars full of people who consume alcohol and romance. Winter brings out the bohème Berliner, who likes to talk about politics and philosophy from evening to dawn, at a bar or in bed. Because that’s what gives them life and keeps them from hibernation. There’s this moment when everything changes from bright to dark – the comparison with summer is inevitable. If summer is parties, winter is cosy dinners at home. If summer is expression of feelings, winter is subtle when it comes to emotions. If summer is easy going and pretty, winter is its bigger sister. If summer is neon colors, winter burgundy and mustard yellow. If summer is a tanned, young woman with coral lipstick, winter is a middle aged mother with messy hair and food stains on her jeans. They’re both beautiful, in a different way – no one can deny that!

However much we like to complain about winter and we dread it, we’re secretly in love with it. Somehow, we look forward to it, every year to come. Although it’s muddy and grey for most of the time, we love it and we feel proud surviving it, once it’s over. That’s why I wrote a song about it. Because winter in Berlin, with all its cliché necessities, is our most real & honest season.

Text: Sarah P., photos: Frank R. Schröder, Alejandro Arretureta, Claudio Rimmele

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Sarah P is one of our dear colleagues over at Blogfabrik. She is a musician and will release her new album “Who am I” in May 2017 and her new single on January 6. Also check out her amazing EP “Free”.

photo: Agnes Fox

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