Awesome Breakfast Places in Neukölln

Once upon a time in a borough in the southeastern part of one of the world’s most magical and mind-blowing capitals there was a constant hustle and bustle resulting not from cars or any other kind of pestering noise but from people heading somewhere driven by hope and creativity. This would be my personal definition of Neukölln. What a better neighborhood to enjoy the first meal of the day. Here is the latest edition of our breakfast guide. Make sure you let us know about your favorite places 😉

No 58 Speiserei

It is close to impossible not to have heard the greatness of this place already. At first, I thought it is an ideal place for vegans. After my visit at No58 Speiserei though, I realised it is an ideal place for every single person who enjoys and appreciates high quality food, that is both healthy and delicious.

Location: Weisestr. 58, Berlin-Neukölln.

photos: No58 Speiserei

* * *

Two and Two

If this place is not unique, then I do not know what this word means anymore. Run by a French and a Japanese girl, Two and Two offers you authentic French pastries and breakfast with a pinch of Japan. While enjoying your Ethiopian organic coffee you have the opportunity to check out and purchase some very impressive, exclusive Japanese stationery as well as coffee-making equipment.

Location: Pannierstr. 6, Berlin-Neukölln.

* * *


Everything fresh, everything from local producers, everything organic. Dots boasts a great atmosphere along with delicious food. It has been a while since I saw a place full of happy people genuinely enjoying their time care-free.

Location: Weserstr. 191, Berlin-Neukölln.

* * *


The minute I laid my eyes on these pictures I was in awe of the talent of the photographer who took them; the moment I stepped into this place, I could not believe that it actually looks even better in real life. This place is truly special, since it is obvious that there has not been any detail that has not been thought through ranging from the food to the design and from the service to the great coffee. It is defnitely worth paying many visits to Roamers.

Location: Pannierstr. 64,  Berlin-Neukölln.

photos: Roamers

* * *

Schiller Bar

During the day it is a friendly cafe with great breakfast and positive vibes that will relax you even on your most stressful days. During the night it transforms into an exquisite bar-restaurant that will make you wonder how you did not know about its existence already. Do not miss the irresistible brunch-buffet on Sundays!

Location: Herrfurthstr. 7, Berlin-Neukölln.

photos: Schiller Bar

* * *


The cafe and restaurant Ungeheuer in the South of Neukölln is a really cozy place and the owner puts a lot of love to the detail into their dishes which you can see in the heartbreakingly sweetly arranged breakfast platter. We also recommend their cakes because they are to-die-for. They also serve lunch and dinner here by the way.

Location: Emser Str. 23, 12051 Berlin-Neukölln

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