Frames of Berlin – A Photo Contest without Boundaries

Photo: Brandy Eve Allen

How to capture the constant change of things in one single photographic picture? What things, you might ask. Not the change of the human body, change of climate or the change of political powers. These changes seem easy to capture (but harder to process). But what seems nearly impossible is the idea of capturing the everyday transformation of something as complex as a city in one frame. Still, this is what the competition, Frames of Berlin is all about.

“Berlin is a city that never is, but is always in the process of becoming” said art historian Karl Scheffler in 1910. This quote seems still so up to date as if somebody wrote it yesterday. And since this statement is evoking so many current emotions, the photographic contest Frames of Berlin decided to make it the subject that has to be tackled by everybody who wants to participate.

What’s beautiful about this context is that there are seemingly no boundaries. Everybody can participate. Berliner, non-Berliner, photographers and non-photographers of all ages, ethnicities, passports and religions are asked to capture their perspective on our beloved city. Maybe this is even the aspect of the contest that I find most intriguing. Because it is only through diversity, variety and multiplicity that we can understand the complexity of change. In good or bad!

The winner’s work will be exhibited at the Festival of European Photography taking place in Bologna. But what should get you even more willing to participate are the famous judges who will take a look at your photo. The international team that will select the winner to be presented in Italy includes none other than the photographer Sven Marquardt and vice photo editor Grey Hutton. If you want to participate you have to submit your photo until the 7th of February on their website. After the jump you can have a look at the first submissions.

Photo: Stefano Majno

Photo: Andrea Ventura

Photo: Maria Silvano

Photo: Ale di Gangi

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