The New Berlin Boheme

photo: Lara Maria Gräfen

„Name an era after me or forget about me entirely”, sings Lara Maria Gräfen in her new single „Neue Boheme“, whose video celebrates its exclusive debut here on iheartberlin today.

In this new released video the Berlin singer shows artists and individuals who inspired herself and had the courage to break new grounds in their lives.

Guts that has been there even a long time ago. In particular, the term Bohemian was firstly used to describe mainly people from the arts scene in the late 19th century in France. Those marginal groups often had strong views on society and politics. They didn’t care that much about money, but basically lived for art, literature and music. Or in other words: freedom and love. Although the lifestyle of bohemians used to be romanticized a lot and the noun still sounds familiar, we are often not sure how to classify this term or idea of a lifestyle.

photo: Lara Maria Gräfen

Looking at the number of students in the city and people that seem to never grow up, Berlin appears to be the perfect embodiment of the Bohemian Love. Artists, Musicians, writers – those intellectual margins of society don’t want to be restricted or limited by any system or norm. Same as those daughters and sons who wish to live a more authentic and maybe even eccentric life than their parents or fellow human beings.

photo: Lara Maria Gräfen

Thus, in addition to this desire and longing for freedom comes the part of self-realization and exposition. In that respect however there is quite a number of colorful and creative birds of these species to be found in our beautiful zoological garden city Berlin.

Just go for a walk outside or look up from your smart phone in the U-Bahn.

photo: Lara Maria Gräfen

Or you could watch Lara Maria Gräfen’s new single from her „Prunk Und Tristesse“ EP to get a better idea of this notion. In fact, she celebrates her generation, the so called „new Boheme” with all their unique characters and particularities, sings about their anarchy, love and irony. In it you can not only watch our Frank from iheartberlin, but author Ronja von Rönne, singer Leslie Clio and Blogger like Dustin Hanke (Shiggersonstreet) or Marta Greber (What should I eat for breakfast today) as well.

photo: Lara Maria Gräfen

It is not only fun watching it, but also food for thought about our generation and our own lifestyle.


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