Benedict Berlin – A Breakfast Paradise

The idea of a place that offers breakfast around the clock already sounds pretty amazing considering I love breakfast and I tend to start the day quite late. But combine this with an unbelievable diverse and extensive selection of breakfast dishes that are typical in different countries, this makes it pretty much a paradise to me.

Benedict Berlin offers exactly that and has pretty much hit a nerve not only with me, but with a lot of people in Berlin. Only a few months old the place is already super popular and that even despite its unusual location in Wilmersdorf. But the commute to this place is absolutely worth it, because nowhere else will you get a variety and especially with such good quality here in Berlin.

The concept hails all the way from Israel where it is already a huge success with several stores. Benedict Berlin is their first branch in a different country and, oh my, are we lucky that they try different waters first here with us. Well, I guess the reputation of the Berliners to be crazy for new things reaches quite far.

When you visit Benedict Berlin for the first time be prepared to be overwhelmed with the options to chose from. You will not only get several versions with the name giving Eggs Benedict, but also dishes typical for France, UK, the States and Poland, to name a few. Of course there are also the typical international options and trendy healthy stuff.

When we paid Benedict Berlin a visit last year we had the chance to taste a whole bunch of their unbelievably tasty meals including savory and sweet options. There were for instance different types of pancakes that made their way to our table, one with capers and salmon, and one with white chocolate sauce. Of course there was also the French version: crepe with berry sauce and fresh fruits.

For the more elaborate options we had different poached egg dishes: One variation of Eggs Benedict with mushrooms and one clever German version with shredded Eisbein and Sauerkraut – the later being specially created for the German store – it was excellent! Last but not least I would also give the lactose-free porridge with granola and fruits a special mention because it was a surprise in taste and one of our favorites on the table.

These are only a couple of many more breakfast dishes they serve at Benedict Berlin. You will be able to come many times and try out something completely different. Currently you can enjoy the breakfast heaven daily 24/7h.

Benedict Berlin, Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open daily 24/7.

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