Take Me to the Lakes – Publication of Berlin’s Natural Beauty

photos: The Gentle Temper

So much is happening during the summer in Berlin that it’s become some kind of a parallel universe everyone is longing for. And no wonder – nothing can compare with the time where you get to enjoy Mauerpark to the fullest, wear your least demure clubbing outfit with no annoying jacket over it, and drink as many Späti beers around the Kanal as you may wish. Another amazing feature of Berlin’s summer is our lakes. Find out more about the beautiful publication that will help you discover them after the jump.

The names of the lakes in Berlin in vicinity may not necessarily be one of the first things you get to know, but once you’ve been here long enough, you’ll grow to love them. Of course, there’s the famous vast Wannsee, but, as in virtually every other field, Berlin has so much more to offer. To get a little heads-up on some of the less mainstream lake spots, head to our guides to Liepnitzsee or Weisensee.

Folks over at the Berlin-based independent publishing house The Gentle Temper founded in 2016 by Karoline Rosina and Nils Kraiczy have grown so fond of those unspoiled bits of our beloved capital that they created a wonderful publication entitled “Take Me to the Lakes”. On its almost 300 pages, the book provides a marvelous visual description of the breathtaking landscapes you might miss on if you choose to limit your Berlin lifestyle to sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. At the same time it is really thought through-out and you’re going to find extensive info about the mentioned spots.

You can get the photobook here.

Photos: The Gentle Temper

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