Berlin Goods: Sustainable & long lasting Bags from Berlin

There recently seems to be more awareness in the fashion world in terms of the consequences of our choices. We feel more and more guilty about having a stack of clothes at home we don’t even wear. Meanwhile, clothing brands have been adopting a new approach: H&M, for instance, has introduced permanent Conscious-collections, Weekday followed with a so-called Remains-Collection and & Other Stories asked their customers to bring in their empty beauty packaging. All of them actually offer their clients a possibility to bring in their old clothes in order to get discounts or other profits so that the fashion cycle actually is concluded.

In Berlin, we have been conscious of sustainable fashion concepts from the very beginning. Just take the Greenshowroom and Ethical Fashion Show that assembles international top players from the eco-fashion-segment each year. Berlin, as the capital of veganism is definitely bringing a lot of inspirations and potential for fair and sustainable fashion into the world and designers build their young brands based on those values.

When it comes to bags, not solely fashion, it still seems hard to find the real pearls in the city, though. That’s why we put together a list of amazing bag labels that are sustainable and/ or fairly produced as well.


Hanna Sin Gebauer and Julia Hermesmeyer built their Label DZAINO on exactly those values as described above and produce clear, urban bags made of recycled materials. Most of the time they utilize used denim for this purpose which they source from Stadtmission Berlin. The clothing donations go to people in need or in the Second Hand Shops that belong to the cause. The clothes that still remain go to Upcycling Designers such as DZAINO.

Very popular are the Yoga bags. But no matter for what bag you might settle, you can be sure that they are quite unique, stable, spacious and perfectly processed.

Get your special bag in their Online Shop.

fashion: Janne Haland, photos: Daniel Weigel


Nora Hänska’s Berlin-based bag label produces very practical and minimalistic design bags. As they say for „a new generation of active, creative users; users whose daily journeys seamlessly move from urban to outdoor environments, where work and adventure melt into one”. The aesthetic and geometrical products are made out of only high-quality materials that are certified and are locally sourced whenever possible. Especially eye-catching is the high-tech mesh, normally used for Catamaran trampolines and outdoor furniture, which is 100% recyclable.

You can shop their products here.



From the Sarah Johann label you will get bags and small leather goods with a very subtle but well thought-through design. All bags are high quality and due to their clear language of form very suitable for everyday life. Since 2014 all products are inspired by modernist trends and designed and produced in Sarah Johann’s Berlin studio.

Shop her bags here.

photos: Sarah Johann


Straightforward, but with love for the details. Fashionable, but classic at the same time. That’s how the firm Jost describes their own designs. And they are indeed done with a very timeless approach and have an amazing quality.

The essence of their current collection is their X-Change-Bag, that can be carried as a normal bag or backpack. You will especially love the haptics and nordic touch of their products.

Shop all their bags here.


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