City of Singles – Portraits of Tinder Exhibition

The new exhibition of the painter Jiyeon Kim that will have its vernissage on the 25th of February is probably one of the most interesting art events I’ve seen around. The concept is simple but quite ingenious at the same time. The artist invites us to actually take a closer look at the images that all of us have been dealing with a lot at some time in our lives – the Tinder profile pictures! Find out more and see a preview of the paintings after the jump.

This Berlin project deals with a virtual space that has been the catalyst for so many city adventures. Crazy how the brief moment of a match being made is followed by letting someone enter your life, even if it’s just to have the lamest small talk ever that you terminate with some weird excuse to take the s-bahn home.

The interesting fact about the exhibits is that all of them are actual pictures the artist saw on the app, so they’re depicting real people from whatever range the author had set while using the app. But no worries – the name and age are altered. Which doesn’t really exclude the possibility of you coming across the beloved face of your Netflix and chill partner, an old flame, or even yourself among the presented paintings.

It’s okay if you do – we are all in this together. More than 50 million open the app at least once each month. In all different kinds of purposes – booty calling, hooking up for cash, and even, as reported by some, finding your soulmate. All those different longings can truly be reflected in the self-portraits of the users, the virtual first impression that’s supposed to win the other app users to dare to swipe right.

Photos: Jiyeon Kim

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