Exclusive Video-Premiere of MissinCat’s new video

In Berlin, people often seem to be in search of something, never wanting to rest or settle down, as if something was pushing them from inside. Sometimes, it is only when we leave a city or someone behind, that we begin to understand it and furthermore notice how precious life was with it. In fact, one of our guest authors just wrote a text about it. If a person doesn’t leave voluntarily, but has to, it changes the whole perspective of course. MissinCat‘s, aka Caterina Barbieri’s, first song „Made Of Stone” of her new album „Forces” captures that harsh feeling.

Today, we celebrate the exclusive iheartberlin Premiere of her new video of that song. Her corresponding album will be released on April 28th.

The video portrays someone who had to escape, but whose biggest wish is being able to go home again. War, hate and permanent fear for the own life and the life of the loved ones are macerating the person even more. It is more a story of someone traveling than a lovesong. And still, it is about someone longing for love, peace, and life. This warm and intimate song was produced together with the German music producer Robot Koch. Even if it is more like an unusual song for Koch, those undiscovered terrains are what lets us set free new unexpected energies and ways, which is exactly the subject of the video.

While MissinCat’s first song is already drawing us in visually and acoustically, the album contains all in all six songs that could be your next big earworms. All of them are written, produced and in part performed by six different artists, just like Robot Koch. Hundreds, Me & My Drummer and La Boum Fatale are also involved.

Next concert in Berlin will be on May 15th at Roter Salon.

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