Street Portraits: „What is special about Berlin?”

We took a stroll around the streets of Berlin this weekend and asked people what they think makes Berlin special. See for yourself and let us know your opinion in the comments!


„Every moment in Berlin is special, when I unexpectedly meet friends and am happy to see them.”


„Berlin should keep on doing what it does. I hope it doesn’t really turn into what is London like… overpriced and a bit fake.”


„My favorite thing in Berlin is to go brunching. I love Muse in Prenzlauer Berg and SETs in Charlottenburg.”


„I think Berlin is special for Street Music. I hope it gets legal ( because with an amplifier it becomes illegal). ”

Ernest & Antony.

„We love the diversity and tolerance in the city.”


„If you grow up in Berlin, you enjoy the city in a different way than people who moved here. You get to know new cool places much easier, because you’re not impressed by every new hype.”


„Berlin is great because there are so many young and modern people in the city. It is really different from other European cities.”


„In Berlin everyone can do whatever he or she wants to – and no one is judging you.”


„In Berlin everyone is welcome.”


„I really like the history in Berlin. It’s really important to know it and also quite recent for our ages. That mixed with the arts and everything makes it a really interesting place.”


„I love driving with the subway in Berlin. I come from a city where there is none, so every time I come here I just love it when you go downstairs and get this air, sit down and get out in a totally different place and district.”

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