The Intimate Home Stories of Daily Portrait Berlin

There are some art concepts that could only be transformed into reality in Berlin. The people that really make this city are indeed characterized by a certain tolerance to all things wild and free, regardless of how weird or inappropriate they may be at the same time.

On his arrival in Berlin, the Czech artist Martin Gabriel Pavel set out to explore the city and its colorful people. But although this still sounds pretty usual, I’d venture to say he made a little more of an impact in this field than you or me. The photography project he started out could only succeed under some very particular circumstance, the most vital one of them being that people would allow others to take picture of them naked, which will result in hundreds of such portrayals getting back to Pavel.

Long story short: Pavel started the process by taking a picture of Elle in her apartment. Naked. She then took his camera and made a photo of M, who in turn took a photo of Jonathan, and so on. The random chain continued on and on, and has until now been released only as an online photo series titled Daily Portrait. But now Pavel is ready to present his book with naked images of 381 Berliners.

To make this unique Berlin project available to a wider audience the artists behind it, Martin Pavel and Marek Kučera, created a beautiful big photo book. Here you can order the book.

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