Photography in Berlin: Sven Marquardt & the Ostkreuzschule

photo: Hannes Gade, Ostkreuzschule

Sven Marquardt is a Berlin living legend. And although this notion may sound a little bit generic at first, virtually all about him corroborates it. It’s as if his story and image were made up by a pretty skillful writer for some character in a novel. But no – it’s just that Berlin fate proving again that sometimes, seemingly the most coincidental occurrences make up for the best storylines.

Find out more about the famous Berghain bouncer who’s also a renowned photographer and a preview of the graduate exhibition “REPEAT” by his photography class students from the Ostkreuzschule for photography below.

photo: Sven Marquardt

Born in Prenzlauer Berg in 1962, Sven got to know the harsh reality of the life behind the Iron Curtain. The communist censorship was obviously hard at work to distract young people from the Western ideology, but it was a hard feat in Berlin – where casting a longing gaze over the high wall was just too much of a temptation. And that was the perplexing setting for Sven’s first photographic ventures – using his analog camera, he’d immortalize the East Berlin scene of new-wave and punk.

photo: Rabea Edel, Ostkreuzschule

Things changed around 1989 – not only on the political arena, but also for Marquardt’s career. That’s when he made first experiences working as a bouncer, a profession that would eventually make him into a legend.

photo: Uwe Jung-Kempe, Ostkreuzschule

Over the years, following his decision to take up photography again, Marquardt has created a fascinating portfolio. He’s been very successful with his art – both acclaimed by critics and invited to collaborate with brands.

photo: Thomas Tiltmann, Ostkreuzschule

Meanwhile, he’s also published a Memoir, “Die Nacht ist Leben”. And the topic that he’s been working on with other photographers in his latest seminar at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie evokes similar associations: Leben, Todt und Auferstehung, die ewige Wiederkehr, der Kreislauf des Lebens: REPEAT? (life, death and resurrection: the eternal return, the circulation of life: REPEAT?).

photo: Arne Wesenberg, Ostkreuzschule

photo: Wilhelm Rinke, Ostkreuzschule

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