Berlin’s Breathing Heart

photos: BREATH ing HEART

I won’t surprise anyone when I say that Berlin’s creative scene acknowledges and promotes multiple ways of interacting with art. Just as diverse as the subject chosen, the form can affect all of the senses – but no exhibtion or project that I’ve had the chance to see her so far went as far with this concept as the recent art installation of Johanna Keimeyer, a Berlin artist who’s designed an astonishing walk-in heart – an inflatable constriction in which up to 40 people can lay and sit at the same time.

The installation, which will have its premiere at the Art Basel 2017 in June before it will come to Berlin as part of the ID Festival later this year, is currently looking for crowdfunding. The unique ambience of a historical water filter building has initially inspired Keimeyer to imagine a pulsing, breathing heart. Now, she wants to share the extraordinary experience evoked by this vision with the visitors.

Entering her installation should bring you closer to feeling the sensation of stepping inside your own body. This goal should be reached by various means of affecting the senses, such as light, video, scent, and sound, all contributing together to the feeling of a breathing rhythm.

This fantastic concept definitely deserves to be brought for display to Berlin. It feels like it will definitely find a lot of appreciation here – after all, it’s an ambitious art installation which you can directly interact with, and what’s more, one that’s premise is to enable you to listen to your own heart. In the meantime, you can check out the website of the project and contribute your own personal feelings with the hashtag #breathingheart2017.

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