How to Dress for Berlin’s Nightlife

photo: Pornceptual

Pornceptual, House of Red Doors, Gegen, Revolver and basically every Klubnacht at Berghain – Fetish and sex positive parties are taking over the capital. From being more of a niche branch years back, sexy, kinky fashion has become the new normal on the dance floors. So, the question is no longer: “What’re you gonna wear tonight?” but more: “How much are you gonna wear tonight?”. Being fully naked is easy, but choosing just the right amount of fabric to make everyone be like: “Oh wow! DAMN!”. That’s the fashion challenge here! For anyone who wants to join the party, but does not feel quite ready for this less-is-more fashion extravaganza – Here are some go-to-looks that never get old.

Pull off that full Body Look

This might be more of a look for eager newbies, since the problem with this outfit is definitely not the full covering of your body. From head-to-toe looks, to animal prints, see through options, or shiny, sequined fabric, the variations of catsuits are limitless. It just gotta be tight! If done right, this look has definite show-stopper potential. We just recommend to watch out for breathable options, as a full-body catsuit outfit has its temperature issues on the dance floor.

Catsuits by DSTM. Photo: Maxime Ballesteros.

* * *

Fabric or no Fabric at odd Places

Well, it’s one of these situations where you could just be like: “Hm, I could wear simple pants tonight… but… I could also have pants on with a hole where my ass is!” – Just one of these typical situations we have when its a weekend night. As common clothes are just way too…common for Berlin nightlife, why not disrupt some norms and leave out some textile at places where any mum would very much like it to be. Maybe you sport a “Jeans-but-no-bra” look, or a casual “crop-top-but-nothing-underneath” or just wear a face mask – and nothing but that face mask. People will certainly stop and stare! And they should ’cause you look damn good.

Chaps shorts by UY available at the Pornceptual shop.

* * *

What you see is what you get

We all love playing a little peekaboo, and so, we love lace, and mesh, and fishnet, and everything that is see-through because if one thing is better than full nudity, it’s the illusion of nudity. When you know your body is smoking, why give it all away immediately? Humans are very, very predictable – We always want what we can’t have. So, the moment you walk on that dancefloor just showing them the right amount of skin and fabric, they are lying at your feet.

Transparent top and skirt by Hermione Flynn.

* * *

Oil that second Skin

Leather is a given, a basic “been there done that” in nightlife fashion – but latex still has this fresh fashionable feel to it. And it’s also so diverse in styling options… First of all, for anyone not going for the full-body-sequin look, but still wants to shimmer and glitter a bit on the dance floor – latex gives you that shiny quality. And on another note, whatever happens during your night, how ever dirty, filthy or even nasty it might all become – with latex you can just wash it all away with one wipe. Practicability meets fashion – perfect!

Latex body by DSTM. Photo: Maxime Ballesteros.

* * *

Hint at your kinky side

Yes, true, kind of a look that is overused and mostly just evokes an “eye roll reaction”, as the amount of men going for this bondage accessory in Berlin nights is just questionable. “D0 y’all like hard bondage sex or what exactly are you really trying to say – ’cause I’m just doubting it!” – Anyways, it’s a look that cannot be eradicated – so, let’s just turn it around, have fun with it, and make it more fashionable. We all know the basic leather version, but why not go for options in different materials, or  – “God forbid!” – even color!  Essentially, it’s straps around your body… and who doesn’t like to be strapped once in a while…

Harness by Studio Obectra. Photo by Michael Wittig/BAFW.

* * *

Be bold – go for Colors

It might seem like an odd thing to recommend but people in this city seem to be in need of a constant reminder: “You guys, color does exist and its OKAY to wear it!” Wherever the all-black-everything came from  – and certainly we don’t want to cast a bad light on the fabulousness of black – BUT – When the one thing you want, is to stand out of the mass, then the easiest choice in Berlin nightlife is just to go for some color. What about a blood-red latex dress? Or a dark-blue sequin catsuit? Or a long green silk coat … and nothing but that coat? You will have all eyes on you, for sure!

Pleather apron dress by SADAK.

* * *

Cover your Face – but glamorously!

This is a perfect option to confuse any person who might try to talk to you that night because nothing is more unsettling than having a conversation with someone and only seeing half of his or her face, or maybe not seeing it at all. No for sure, not a look that wins an award for practical usage – but should fashion ever? You could show them your face like everyone else does… while you could also be covered in diamond chains, maybe you go for an animal mask, or maybe there is a whole planetary system circling around your head… There is just so much you can do with headpieces! And, it also really comes in handy if you want to cover up that one pimple on your nose, that has been bothering you all day.

Mask by Gaëtan Essayie available at the Pornceptual shop.

* * *

Let them choke you

Let’s get to the best-known, go-to nightlife accessory: The good old choker. With high street fashion brands adding variations of chokers to their collections, this fetish-piece has ultimately hit fashion mainstream, most likely evoking an “Oh God no!”-reaction from scene insiders. But, with this piece gaining popularity, it just got way easier for you to get your own fashionable option that does not make you feel like you are just missing a chain and someone can walk you in the park (Leave that to those a few levels further in the fetish game). So, maybe start with a cute silver or gold version which is not even THAT far away from your weekday necklace.

Choker by IMON studio.

* * *

Be clever about your storage options

YES, they are back! And any person nagging about the trashy, unfashionable 90’s quality of fannypacks has never spent a solid number of hours on any dancefloor. Worn in daylight, they might still come off as something your goofy uncle might wear – but at night these cute, little bags just dissappear on any outfit – and don’t restrain you in any  way from shaking every part of that body. Berliners – for real – it’s about time to stop this gymbag nonesense! With these bags on, we all look like oversized toddlers! We recommend a cute ‘lil fannypack – maybe with a leopard print to spice things up, or for the brave kind, maybe wear nothing but that fannypack…

Fanny pack by UY available at the Pornceptual shop.

Just let it all hang out

… which brings us to our last trend: Full nudity. Not the most fashion-forward decision to make, but certainly one for those who have some balls and ovaries. Fortunately, this trend has become more visible in nightlife recently. Which is a nice development in a city where party veterans have been whining about the progression of prudity over the years. From a fashion point of view there is nothing really left to say anymore, as there is nothing really left of it – no fantasy – it’s all just OUT THERE. But in the spirit of purity, liberation  and acceptance towards everyone’s physicality, we support the decision to take it all off. We’re also in Berlin – East Germany is known for its free body culture. So, basically tradition told us to undress – whether it’s a lake in Brandenburg or a dark dancefloor – same same…

Birthday suits by ‘models own’. Photo by Pornceptual.

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