Weekend Escape from Berlin: Apulia and Castro

The end of the world can be a beautiful place sometimes. At least that’s the case for Apulia the high heel of the boot of Italy and the little village of Castro at its bottom. There you really feel you have reached the end of all the worlds you know. No big city, no hustle and bustle, no futurism, no minimalism and certainly no cold. Neither the weather nor the heart of the welcoming people cheering travelers and tourist alike.

To give you a more unconventional description for this beautiful place we had the pleasure to experience for just two days, we will tell you more about the 4 unique colors we saw.

Shades of Blue in the Water

There is not just one blue in the two seas of Apulia. From beautiful beaches to natural pools to artificial pools that look so enticing to take a plunge we had to remind us that the water was still freezing. But from June to September the bathing season is in full swing. My favorite highlight: the natural pool by the Grotta della Poesia. I am not the only fan since this place was listed under one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world by National Geographic.

Shades of White in the Cities

With its greek influence, Apulia has quite some picturesque villages painted in white. Also, the sun bleaching the sandstone to its whitest form I have ever seen helped to enjoy the purity of this beautiful places. To make it even more surreal during the days we visited Castro had a celebration going on with artistic scaffolding all looking innocently white during the day.

Shades of Red in the fields

Poppy Seed Flowers wherever you look. I have never seen entire fields of such beauty. The flower is totally sensitive to pollution and it becomes rarer every year. A good sign for the clean environment of this region and an eye pleasure during our road trip down south.

Shades of Brown in the caves

Human colonization started over 40 000 years ago in this region. That’s why here are some of the most incredible subterranean caves with relics and paintings from the first Homo Sapiens.  We visited the giant cave in Castro called Grotta Zinzulusa that is right at the sea and is quite spectacular on its own, even though you can’t see prehistoric paintings there.

Shades of Rainbow in the night

Rainbow is not a real color. I know that. But I have no words to describe what I saw during the nights of festivities in the little village of Castro. Hundreds of colorful lights illuminating the scaffolding all over the little village created a magical atmosphere as if we were in a fairy castle. But this was not the only colorful highlight. To finish the celebration we went outside the village to enjoy two hours of the most grandiose fireworks I have ever seen. See yourself if you don’t believe me.

We really recommend visiting the Salento region in Southern Italy because of its very charming natural state. Also it is still quite undiscovered by big mass tourism. Maybe because it is quite at the end of the world 😉

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