The Notebooks for the Next Generation

Huawei MateBook X, photo: Katja Hentschel

A few weeks ago we were lucky to witness something quite special during a presentation at the Blogfabrik. Our partner Huawei who we’ve collaborated with recently for our smartphone vs. DSLR camera test invited us and a couple of blogger colleagues to introduce us to a brand new product that they had been working on. But it was not another edition of their high-end smartphone lines as we expected, this time it was something completely different that will expand the spectrum of the company into an entirely new market: notebooks. With the new Huawei MateBook X the brand revealed the long-awaited Windows operated alternative to the Macbook. Of course there have been other products on the market before, but to be honest so far I have seen nothing that comes close to these levels of design perfection and performance.

Huawei MateBook X, photo: Katja Hentschel

Huawei MateBook E, photo: Ebba Zingmark

During the presentation we got our hands on multiple new devices, the first one being the new Huawei MateBook X which I would describe as the notebook model for the next generation. It has a super elegant and contemporary design with a high quality finish that comes in the colors Prestige Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey* making it the perfect companion for design-savvy folks. With its 13.3 inch screen it has a good size for working and thanks to its Dolby Atmos sound which is quite the novelty in notebooks you can also use it to watch TV series and movies without having to attach speakers. For me personally this would be my one-for-everything device as I am used to do work and leisure on devices of this size, but never did I have one as light and slim.

The second product we got to lay hands on was the next generation of the already quite successful Huawei MateBook E which is Huawei’s 2-in-1 convertible tablet. The ultra thin tablet is the right choice for everyone who prefer a big touch screen devices, but at the same time wants to be able to attach a keyboard for comfortable typing. In the case of the MateBook E the keyboard comes already in the package as part of the case that also functions as a stand for the tablet. Just like the MateBook X the design and finish have an impeccable quality and it comes in my personal favorite color gold.

I think especially for Windows users the MateBook E and MateBook X from Huawei are possibly the most stylish and at the same time practical options that I have seen given how light, thin and still powerful they are. The design factor is more important today than ever so it was a smart choice to have such a strong focus on that. I can totally see the gold and pink MateBooks popping up at the hip cafes of Berlin soon, framed by a cappuccino and an avocado toast. It’s definitely going to make a great picture!

*Color availability varies by market

Thanks for the support by Huawei

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