A Dreamy Boat Ride in Berlin

One of the ways  in which Berlin is truly incomparable, is that it’s a big city you can escape without really leaving it; no long hour driving to get to an oasis of green, for they are all around the city! And the best way to enjoy nature, relax, and let all stress go? A boat ride.

For those who don’t have a way out of the city due to work, Berlin’s parks offer the perfect little escape on a daily basis: it’s the place we can cool off,  forget about the city’s busyness and let nature have us as its kids again. And when these parks have a lake we can take a boat ride in, all the better! One of our options is right in the center of Berlin, with Tiergarten offering boat rides in Cafe am Neuen See! A cute little lake you can paddle your way around, wave hello to your co-paddlers, and lose yourself in the serenity of the scenery.

You can also make a full day out of it, since, after the boat ride, you can enjoy yummy German dishes along with cold beer in the beer garden, open from 11am all weekdays, and 10 am on weekends. All meals are freshly made and delicious, and the beautiful view has you thinking: why am I not here at least once every week?

Whether it’s with your date or your friends you’re reviving “the Notebook” with, a boat ride could not be a better choice: sun in your face, the water soothing your soul, getting you ready and giving you strength for the next day in the office.

We (obviously) had a great time with it, what are you waiting for to have yours?

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