Your Berghain-style Black Ice Cream

If you were asked to imagine Berlin as an ice cream, what image would you have for it? Exactly. Full-on hardcore, All-black-everything, seemingly unapproachable, but actually tasting the sweetest. This idea of putting Berghain-friendly ice cream into a cone was realized by Black Poodle Ice Cream Club on Schlesische Straße back in 2017, and we couldn’t contain ourselves – we actually can’t wait to match it with our outfit while waiting in that long queue.

Now in 2018, we had to notice that the Black Poodle had disappeared and the place was suddenly Vanille & Marille – a beloved local ice cream chain. Our fear that this amazing black ice cream had vanished was luckily not confirmed as Vanille & Marille still offer this flavor, yeay!

If you stroll around Schlesi, do NOT miss out on trying this super tasty AND stylish ice cream. I guarantee it’ll become your favorite!

Vanille & Marille, Schlesische Str. 7, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open daily 12-22h

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