Refinery High End Coffee Bar & Retail Store in Berlin

photos: Thomas Kakareko

Refinery High End Coffee, the international, multi-roaster specialty coffee bar that we love for a ton of reasons (also featured in our coffee guide), gave us one more by opening a retail store as well.

Tansel and Bora opened Refinery in Berlin in 2015, and with it they introduced us to an excellent coffee experience; since then, their cafe near Friedrichstrasse has become a locals and visitors’ favourite. Focused on the highest quality coffee from all over the world (currently serving Norway’s beloved Tim Wendelboe), it also offers amazing seasonal dishes, savory and sweet.

Their second project, right in iHeartBerlin’s hood, Kreuzberg, is a specialty coffee retail store, enabling us to bring good coffee in our home. Our mornings aren’t the same, with a selection of beans from Tim Wendelboe, Caravan and April Coffee.

Their unique concept seeks to combine retail, with service and communication, all in an urban jungle setting in a cute backyard, designed by and Pflanzenfreude. Don’t miss their opening on July 8th– we definitely won’t!

Refinery Coffee Bar, Albrechtstr. 11b, 10117 Berlin-Mitte, open Mon-Fri 8-18h, Sat 9-18h

Refinery Retail Store, Skalitzer Straße 104, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

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