Vietnamese Lifestyle in Berlin: Projects & People

Vietnamese people is Berlin’s largest East Asian community, comprising 1.16% of the total population. German or international friends usually immediately associate Vietnamese people with restaurants, nail salons, flower shops or convenience stores since the majority of those people operate in these businesses. However, the younger generations of Vietnamese in Berlin are actually a lively generation blended well into the German culture and the Berlin hippie lifestyle. They are also a very creative and artful cohort and the faces behind lots of successful businesses and entertaining activities in this cosmopolitan city. A look into the most outstanding and interesting projects by the Vietnamese youth in Berlin!

Black Dragon

I went to one of its events on New year eve 2017 called “The Asian Circus” and was overwhelmed by all the fascinating eastern-style circus, acrobatic performances and sumptous banquet. Later that night the place turned into a huge club with 2 dance floors and cool DJs covering different genres such as House, Hiphop or RnB.

Black Dragon was founded just over 1 year ago by a group of German-Vietnamese and its purpose is to offer the best parties at the coolest clubs in Berlin (AVENUE, Haubentaucher, BRICKS…) for German-Vietnamese community (youngsters whose parents are Vietnamese but were born and grew up in Germany).

“Asians & Friends, it’s meant for you! Finest Black Music with Asian Touch” – Black Dragon.



Tuttytran is a German- Vietnamese comedian/ Vlogger who has been growingly popular online ever since his Youtube video “Vietnamese mother”. His videos mostly display in a “komisch” way the family life of Vietnamese in Germany, sarcastic and interesting daily encounters as an Asian-looking guy or funny typical situations in couple life of Tutty and his girlfriend.

Tuttytran is now also having stand-up comedy shows around Berlin and Germany. His fanpage and YouTube channel are full of entertaining and hilarious videos through which you can catch a good glimpse of how German- Vietnamese people perceive life here in Germany. German friends, watch out! You may see your own selves playing out in his videos! His videos respond to the typical Asian stereotypes in Germany in a very light-hearted, intelligent manner. His fanpage now has over 100.000 fans and YouTube channel over 15.000 subscribers.


Awaken Artist

Awaken Artist was founded 6 months ago by two Vietnamese and one Indian Business students based in Berlin. It offers a new concept type of event called Painting Parties, where everyone has a great time socializing, drinking and painting at awesome locations in the heart of Berlin. A true artist will guide participants step by step through creating their own masterpiece, so no painting experience is needed to immerse in this artistic night! Guests will create an one-of-a-kind painting of their own from a blank canvas, and later bring home their self-made masterpiece!

Painting parties is a good choice for those who want to get some relaxing time doing something different while staying away from the ubiquitous glaring computer screens, but at the same time not compromise all the fun and good vibes of parties and socializing with music and drinking.

These events take place every week, with a different painting each time, mostly on Thursday and Saturday nights. Get updates from their website and fanpage!


Blogger Amy Pham Thi

Amy Pham Thi was born and raised in Berlin, Germany, but her root is Vietnamese. She started her blog 2.5 years ago. At first it was like a diary platform where she posted her daily mood photos; however, later it has turned into a fashion blog where Amy showcases her outfits and fashion style which is simple, elegant and always goes with a nice key piece. She believes that everyone should find their own style and should not follow any hype if it’s nothing for them. “People can see that if you are wearing uncomfortably. Trust yourself and you can be whatever you want.”. Her Instagram has 10.500 followers now.



The everyday life of many people is full of hustle and bustle. The longing for slowness is growing. People have come up with different activities to escape the stress: wellness oases, a day out with animals in nature, hiking… The company “Playtime” offers a break: a whole musical album is played in the cinema, and visitors do nothing but listen. “Playtime” was established in 2014 by Duc Thi Bui, a Vietnamese- German screenwriter and film maker & Marc Engenhart, an artist and musician. The concept is simple but intriguing: an old vinyl record is played from beginning till the end; and visitors sit there the whole time, listening, not disturbed and totally immersed in music just like in old times.

Check out this unique experience on their website or fanpage.


Text: Delissa Kieu

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What other cool Vietnamese people and projects do you know about? Let us know in the comments below.

Delissa is a Vietnamese who is studying in Dresden but has fallen in love with Berlin. She is also a big fan of any creative, out-of-the-box activities, so she founded Awaken Artist to satisfy her passion and as a good way to get to know Berlin and its people.

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