Science Meets Art: The Animal Anatomy Theater

Our fascination never stops for this city which just keeps on giving when it comes to amazing locations, and here we are, presenting you one more: the Animal Anatomy Theater. Constructed in 1789 by the same architect who designed the Brandenburg Gate (!), the building is actually the oldest (and definitely the loveliest) academic one still existing in Berlin, having hosted decades of animal dissections. Since 2013, however, it has seen a new life as an experimental exhibition space, under the Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik.

This neoclassical gem, conceived by Teatro Anatomico in Padua, had served as an anatomy theater for veterinary students. After extensive restoration, and maintaining the character of a laboratory, it is now a cultural institution hosting students’ research findings, art exhibitions and events, while its great acoustics has been the reason for concerts to take place there as well!

Reasons to visit vary from learning a bit more about the 200 year history of this auditorium in its permanent exhibition “Das Tieranatomische Theater- Architecture and Science History”, to a bit more shallow ones – taking cool pictures! Its photogenic geometry makes the space super instagrammable!

Tieranatomisches Theater, Philippstraße 12/13, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Open Tue-Sat, 14-18 h, free admission

(Since the space is still used for teaching, admission isn’t granted everyday. Before traveling, check their website.)

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